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  1. I'm still not sure if I'm really into tanking. but, yeah, maybe 1 year (2 max) is acceptable. But to do it for 6 years is a total disservice to the fans.
  2. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

    Yeah, having Dwade for one more year works for me. The positive effect he has on the young guys is pretty obvious. Plus, if it's gonna be his going away party, at least make it a full season, right?
  3. Embiid saw that guy on their last game in the regular season and we all know what happened there.
  4. Double leg takedown. Loved it the first time i saw it.
  5. This whole Whiteside situation sucks. And for it to come during the playoffs makes it even worse. But like I said before, he may have lost confidence and/or motivation with the way he was handled this season. I'm not saying he's a victim here as he's equally accountable seeing as he's a 'professional' basketball player. Quoting the late, great Cus D' Amato: 'I believe a man is a professional when he can do what needs to be done no matter how he feels within. An amateur is an amateur in his attitude emotionally. A professional is a professional in the way he thinks and feels and in his ability to execute under the most trying conditions.' But I think the coaching staff also has a responsibility to see what works with a player and what doesn't. Not everyone's a Michael Jordan or Dwade who just wills themselves to win.
  6. Looks like it, Maj. Question is can we run and gun and shoot threes with the best in the league?
  7. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    Makes you wonder how this team might've been if it had prime Wade in it.
  8. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    Judging by the highlights and the discussion on the boards earlier, looks like Wade, coupled with Miami Heat defense and physicality won us this game. Keep up what was started this game and a deep playoff run wouldn't be surprising.
  9. Gotta love some good old fashioned competitive hate.
  10. W! Now I can get back to work, lol! Welcome to the playoffs you processed floppers!
  11. Been waiting for this. Heck yeah! thanks sci spo!
  12. Following the game through the boards since I'm at work. Looks like the Heat are going against more than 5 guys on the court.
  13. More like 10-7, with 2 knock downs and the Heat were saved by the bell. I hope to see the Heat bully-ball their way to a W.