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  1. Indiana Pacers at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    He's alot of fun to watch when he has it going like that. shame it was a waste.
  2. Indiana Pacers at Miami HEAT Game Thread and Preview

    Spo needs to make adjustments now while its still early. In my opinion, you cannot have Jrich and Winslow in the starting lineup together. Both are too inconsistent on offense and they are playing out of position defensively which is unfair on them having to guard bigger stronger players. Olynyk should definitely not be playing at the 5. He is getting burned on defense as soon as he enters the game. his weaknesses on that end would be covered up better if he played the 4 which i personally think is his more natural position. Olynyk at 4 with Whiteside/ Bam at the 5 definitely needs to be tried out. Jrich and TJ need to play off ball with Dragic, Waiters and JJ being the primary ball handlers. Those two should not have the ball in their hands especially while the other above players are also on the court. even Winslow should get some time as the primary ball handler. Im sick of seeing him standing around along the baseline or in the corner when hes not a threat from there. simply put, less small ball and more traditional lineups to match up better with other teams defensively.

    1. Dwyane Wade 2. LeBron James 3. Alonzo Mourning 4. Udonis Haslem 5. Ray Allen 6. Chris Bosh 7. Shaquille O Neal 8. Shane Battier 9. Chris Andersen 10. Mario Chalmers
  4. Miami HEAT at Oklahoma City Thunder Game Thread and Preview

    I have yet to see the game but looks like people are going into panic mode six games into the season. I ain't worried though. My expectations for this team aren't high anyway so i can expect some more losing to continue. That's simply what happens when you swap out Dwade, Deng, Joe Johnson and Bosh for Derrick Williams, Luke Babbitt, Dion Waiters and James Johnson. Its a no brainer really. As long as i see improvement from our young guys throughout the season i will be happy. If winning starts to occur with that then that's just an added bonus.
  5. Miami HEAT at Toronto Raptors Game 7 Thread and Preview

    Always tough knowing our season is over but overall im happy with our guys and what we were able to accomplish this year considering how last season went down and with losing Bosh after the all star break again. Looking forward to the off season and see what we can do to improve.
  6. Miami HEAT at Toronto Raptors Game 7 Thread and Preview

    Its easy to blame the officiating which has certainly not been very good in this game but this loss is still on our lack of effort on boxing out and rebounding. The Raps have also been hitting some really tough shots as well while our offense has been ...............meh.

    Great play from TJ tonight. Very proud of him.