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  1. 1. Dwyane Wade 2. LeBron James 3. Alonzo Mourning 4. Udonis Haslem 5. Ray Allen 6. Chris Bosh 7. Shaquille O Neal 8. Shane Battier 9. Chris Andersen 10. Mario Chalmers
  2. I have yet to see the game but looks like people are going into panic mode six games into the season. I ain't worried though. My expectations for this team aren't high anyway so i can expect some more losing to continue. That's simply what happens when you swap out Dwade, Deng, Joe Johnson and Bosh for Derrick Williams, Luke Babbitt, Dion Waiters and James Johnson. Its a no brainer really. As long as i see improvement from our young guys throughout the season i will be happy. If winning starts to occur with that then that's just an added bonus.
  3. Always tough knowing our season is over but overall im happy with our guys and what we were able to accomplish this year considering how last season went down and with losing Bosh after the all star break again. Looking forward to the off season and see what we can do to improve.
  4. Its easy to blame the officiating which has certainly not been very good in this game but this loss is still on our lack of effort on boxing out and rebounding. The Raps have also been hitting some really tough shots as well while our offense has been ...............meh.
  5. No way Walker returns. I'm liking Miami's moves these past few days.
  6. On the decline ? Yes definitely but done I dont think so. Inconsistent minutes likely affected his shooting percentages and its not like shooters lose their stroke as they age. I'd prefer Wright to be honest but I'd take Miller to fill out the roster if need be. You can never have too many shooters and we hardly have any.
  7. We need to add shooters. Miller or Wright could fill that role.
  8. I liked shabazzs potential but he is always going to be a liability on defense in my opinion and the heat obviously like what they could have with Josh Richardson who could impact both ends of the floor.
  9. Smith for the minimum ? Yeah definitely. Javale ? Hell no.
  10. 100% agree. TJ showed more the Ennis and Napier last season which I have to admit was very surprising. I think he earned another season with us. Walker and Beasley need to go in my opinion.
  11. If he goes to the Lakers then lolllllll
  12. If trading Chalmers or Andersen makes room to give Wade a bigger deal then we should do it. He's made the sacrifices in the past and now wants to get paid and who can blame him ? His best buddy LeBron left for Cleveland and got a max contract and his own team mate Bosh got a max deal as well. Wade doesn't deserve the max based on his health issues but he does deserve to get paid for the money he's given up.
  13. I personally don't think any of our key players (Wade, Dragic, Bosh, Whiteside) are worth max money. Boshs contract is ridiculous but we are stuck with that unless we manage a trade. Wade has sacrificed alot of money the past few seasons and has a right to get more especially when u consider what Bosh is getting paid. Dragic is a very good player but max ? Hell no. Hopefully he is fair with contract negotiations. Whiteside has tons of potential but worth max money just yet ? Definitely not. It'll be interesting to see how he does this season.
  14. Beasley has really stepped up on defense recently and is playing unselfish on offense. Love it beas, keep it up.
  15. Great play from TJ tonight. Very proud of him.