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  1. Blake wants to play in Miami and be a ball handler like JJ. Lol
  2. Dang, so we only have 29 mil if we retain Ellington? Bummer. I'd go after hayward, then milsap in that order. At the same time I'd try to lock in waiters and johnson. If that fails, let's try and snag covington from the 76ers. He keeps getting better.
  3. Spo got hosed.. Why we're these awards so late?
  4. I'll allow it
  5. Sign Hayward! His wife is hot.
  6. Shots fired!
  7. Dude looks like black dynamite. Lol
  8. Aldridge also has a reoccurring heart issue. Pass.
  9. Do we really want smalldridge after that playoff stint? I mean, who leaves the spurs and gets better?
  10. Jordan has an eye for picking crap players.
  11. I'd take George over Butler.
  12. I'd trade away tj and winslow for george. Then go after Hayward too. We could convince pg to stay.
  13. When does this start?