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  1. Lol celtics. Biggest joke 1 seed ever.
  2. 5 lebrons would be too many headbands to deal with.
  3. I miss Bosh. Such a shame.
  4. Hope milsap and pg13 get swept so we can get them in miami.
  5. Just get rid of whiteside. The traditional big man is dead in the nba. I'd take the centers from Denver or Portland over him.
  6. Yeah. While that Raptors game was a bummer, losing to the knicks the game before was just soul crushing. I was even watching with knicks fans too. Neither group of us wanted that outcome. We all were bummed. Lol
  7. Trust is a factor. He played great when he could suit up... But I'd rather resign JJ and get other players, even if he was our lunch pin for the amazing 2nd half of the season. Hypothetical Scenario: would you rather... A. See Waiters leave and become a superstar somewhere else? or B. Keep Waiters and watch him turn into a bum because the clock struck 12 and his magic ran out?
  8. Trade whiteside and winslow for KAT daddy. Sign milsap, heyward, and wade. And most of all: **** melo
  9. I hope winslow learns how to shoot this offseason.
  10. Lol salt. Don't blame Brooklyn for sucking. They have always sucked and they will always suck. Blame miami for losing g to the knicks, magic and 76ers. Blame Dion Waiters for getting injured and ending our season. *shrugs*
  11. Come on upsets!!!
  12. If they want to help the team they will accept team friendly deals so we can add a good pf (milsap) in the offseason.
  13. One game to rule them all.
  14. Sign milsap.
  15. Ha.ha.ha.ha. Staying alive!!! Now it's time for wade to sabotage the bulls again and reveal his true allegiance.