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  1. I'll be going to one of the games in mid December pacers or clippers games. Gotta figure out which works out better for me.
  2. Say it ain't so.
  3. Hope he plays and plays well.
  4. 5 assists a game for Bosh? Lol
  5. MVBeeeeeee
  6. That's borderline superstar numbers. The hell are they smoking? Lol
  7. Thanks! Gonna be in sin city that week, so maybe I'll throw a crazy bet at the oddmakers while I'm there!
  8. Is the schedule out yet?
  9. Whose even on the team?
  10. The Marlins are the best team in miami!
  11. Shaq was lazy. That's what really holds him back.
  12. Lololololol Did someone mention Balkman being on our team? Kill me now.
  13. Real question. Is Dwyane Wade the best sports athlete in Florida sports history?
  14. You mean like when wade bosh and LeBron all saw their shooting percentages go up 3 straight years?
  15. Great player. Not gonna lie. I'm super glad we ruined his perfect finals record. He will always have that blemish and it's because of miami. Adios bankshot bully. You were a hell of a competitor. Here's my favorite Duncan memory.