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  1. 76ers 106 - HEAT 102 Game 4 Recap

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh Hurry up and be done with, work! I wanna watch this game.
  3. Heat vs Sixers First Round Series Thread

    So guess who has tickets to game 4. Wooooooooo
  4. HEAT 113 - 76ers 103 Game Recap

    Anyone have a clip of Winslow calling Simmons a ***** *** after Simmons fouls him? Lol That might be my favorite moment of the night.
  5. Got some Philly fans here in Tampa. We might drive down to game 4 Next saturday. He says game clinching finale, I agree ... but in Miami's favor!
  6. Winslows Development

    Spo speaks the truth. I approve this message!
  7. LET'S ***ING GOOOOOOOOOOOO! Time to disrupt the process. Heat in 5. We steal game 1. Sixers shook the rest of the way.

    I remember my buddy telling me ellington at 6 mil was too expensive a bench player before the season. I explained that 6 mil these days is bargain bin for such a good shooter. I think after this season he agrees. Wonder how much he's gonna demand this offseason.
  9. Winslows Development

    We need to have Winslow practice finishing at the rim this offseason. He gets there easy enough, but he misses too much for my (and the rest of the fanbases) liking. Lol
  10. Potential playoff matchups

    How is it we have three legitimate bench players thst shoukd get some 6th man of the year attention. Yet no one is discussing us for any awards?
  11. The Official Kelly Olynyk Thread

    KO getting paid. Deservingly so.
  12. W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    I think the black design looks slick. Perhaps I'll wait for a official release, maybe next year.
  13. Hawks 98 - HEAT 101 Game Recap

    They only gave Wade 1 block? I thought he had a pair.