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  1. Pg13 in Miami? I'd love that. He's wasting away in that shithole.
  2. Anyone got that ibaka fight? Dude has to be suspended for our tilt, right?
  3. Foregone conclusion.
  4. Yes, well... I'll leave it like that. It reminds me when I was a fan of that man. I used to do all sorts of crazy things on these forums. Lol
  5. Saw beauty and the beast... The Gastonia song reminded me of that time I wrote a parody lebron song... Gosh it joys me to see you, LeBron Looking so spry with your jumps Every guy here’d love to be you, LeBron Specially when dunking on chumps There’s no man in the game as admired as you You’re everyone’s favorite guy Everyone’s awed and inspired by you And it’s not very hard to see why! No one’s slick as LeBron No one’s quick as LeBron No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as LeBron’s For there’s no man in the game half as manly! Perfect, a pure specimen! You can ask any Chuck, Marv or Van Gundy And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on! No one dunks like LeBron Or deals dimes like LeBron No one’s got the court vision like LeBron As an opponent, yes, he’s intimidating! My what a baller, that LeBron! Give five “hurrahs!” Give twelve “hip-hips!” LeBron is the best and the rest are all drips! No one soars like LeBron Grabs one-handed boards like LeBron In a physicality match no one’s built like LeBron! ... But what about his faults? For there’s some that question his killer instinct He’s won two titles and four MVPs so don’t you dare He can jump right over a man before you could think That’s right! And a headband to cover the lack of hair! No one splits D like LeBron Matches wits like LeBron In a fast break chase nobody swats like LeBron He’s especially good at accelerating! Thirty points for LeBron! When he was a lad he practiced all day long Ev’ry morning to help him get great And now that he’s grown he’s incredibly strong So he’s roughly the size of a freight! No one shoots like LeBron Makes those beauts like LeBron Then goes ham around the league Wearing LeBrons like LeBron! He use powder like he is commemorating! Say it again! Who’s a man among men? And then say it once more Who’s the best baller on the floor? Who’s a super success? Don’t you know? Can’t you guess? Ask his fans and his diminishing doubters There’s just one guy in the game Who’s got all of it down… LeBron!!!!!!!
  6. We're making g the playoffs. It's a foregone conclusion. The only thing that's left to be determined is how high can we reach in the standings before the dance starts? I'm guessing 6 seed,
  7. Wade done for the season. I blade those ugly *** green jerseys. Lol Come home soon darling!
  8. Sucks about Bogut, but that's what happens when you try to trip a player. Dude's so brittle. Lol Antways, what a fun game to watch. So glad we got to humiliate those jamokes on their home court. They have some ****** comentators, boy...
  9. Was just a nice piece of history about African Americans and basketball. Schooled me on the fact that the Harlem Globetrotters were in an actual league. Lol
  10. What an *** whooping. Lol I really like that Hawks halftime show, if anyone saw that. Black fives.
  11. Lord. Why do some people here want Melo? That's a sad attempt of a joke, right?
  12. Ey, my boy marustic got himself a nice gig. He's a made man!
  13. Lillard? Seems pricey, but he's younger then dragic. I still want george though.
  14. Shocking. Pelicans are still trash.