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  1. I'm ready for this lottery already.
  2. Zaza in the all star game will make them change the way this crap is handled.
  3. What's the story behind his benching?
  4. ***ing hawks.
  5. Dang. He had like one or two good games. Hope his wrist was causing him to shoot like ****. Get well soon.
  6. Tank Lyfeee!!!!
  7. Given Whiteside s minutes, I could see them having similar stat lines. Neither is a #1 player on a contender though.
  8. Josh jackson going #1? Are we going to draft a pg?
  9. Wade throwing this **** back in our faces. Me no like.
  10. What if Bosh was an actual dinosaur? What if Marino didn't have laces out?
  11. What if we were all dragons?
  12. Best thread ever. What if we had an entirely different team? We might be good! Lol Jesus people.
  13. So whose the stud pf in the draft we should target?
  14. Whiteside is going to be trying HARD to block one of Wade's shots tonight . lol And I guarantee Wade is going to try and pump fake into a foul someone on our squad. Don't bite. Go Heat!