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  1. Ey, my boy marustic got himself a nice gig. He's a made man!
  2. Lillard? Seems pricey, but he's younger then dragic. I still want george though.
  3. Shocking. Pelicans are still trash.
  4. Get pg13. If it takes us dealing winslow, so be it.
  5. Let's try and get Paul George while the pacers are still a hot mess.
  6. People are so cocky on the interweb. Lol Dude loves to use asinine, though. We still need a superstar, most likely 2.
  7. Man, screw the rockets and screw James harden. I'm so glad we swept their bitchasses. I hate Harden's game so much.
  8. Hottest team? Best worst team ever? I'll take it.
  9. Base god white
  10. nba finals baby!
  11. The ultimate "deal with it" moment so far.
  12. I'm ready for this lottery already.
  13. Zaza in the all star game will make them change the way this crap is handled.
  14. What's the story behind his benching?