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  1. they have to beat the Bucks to prove this is not a fluke..
  2. even if it gets us Anthony Davis? HW and Winslow on it?
  3. well we prefer win streaks than losing streaks... i don't know about you.
  4. exactly!!! his bad shooting is not needed here. his heart and defense yes. if he just plays thru his strengths i'm fine but not him shooting brick 3s.
  5. JRich and Winslow are not part of this run.. They could be trade pieces.. HW, Winslow, for Anthony Davis..
  6. Tyler's younger brother...
  7. the big question is how much money will Johnson and Waiter's agents demand for them to stay in MIAMI next season... would suck to lose them.
  8. i think the coaches are doing that but HW is just slow. the way he rolls to the basket, is suspect most of the time. he just needs to accept that he's better off getting his points from garbage baskets. focus on his number 1 specialty which is blocking shots then rebounds. he doesn't have the energy to do all 3 stats cause you can't teach old dogs new tricks. he doesn't have Reed's energy and mobility.
  9. he needs to move on, now that he didn't make the East all star. just focus on blocking shots and rebounds and forget about the 18 or 20 ppg. the team is missing his intimidating presence down low than his scoring. just stick with 13-15 pts.
  10. some nice praises for Spo from Waiters lately and now Ellington.. wow! thanks Maj always for these links! if only HW changes his attitude and be mature about it.
  11. Whiteside is a brat. he ain't happy if he doesn't score 20 points. in the interview you could tell he's not sincere on what he's saying.
  12. these 2 would love to relocate in South Beach....
  13. why he playing then? Reed at center and Cousins at PF would be nice.
  14. if i was Riles i would do that definitely... Hassan just plays for himself and personal stats makes him happier than a team win. Trade Hassan and McRoberts for Cousins!