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  1. did we really need another point guard?
  2. since the team is loaded with combo guards (TJ, J-Rich, Waiters, Weber) .... .. cheaper and younger too. adding Gay adds to the team's wing depth in case of injuries.
  3. wow!.. HEAT at #13 overall eh. could be. this team has nothing to lose.
  4. lol! ... problem is, BULLS doesn't want his clots or probably any other NBA team.
  5. problem is....
  6. you can say that again..
  7. the game is not played on paper.
  8. don't agree dp... 1. Celtics 2. Cavs 3. Pacers 4.Raptors 5. Hornets 6. Pistons 7. Bucks 8. Knicks 9. HEAT 10. Wizards 11.Magic 12.Hawks 13. Sixers 14. Bulls 15. NETS
  9. i know most of you and probably poker face Riles will tank this season and might not let CB play. But if Spo really wanted this team to make the playoffs, he should implement a ball and personnel movement type of kind of game and the only ISO should just be Hassan in the low post. I think this team can defend really well because it's the system and it can also rebound. But Bosh should really not play this season.
  10. as much i followed Riles from the Lakers to the Knicks then MIAMI, his comments on what happened to Wade leaving was full of BS crap. He and Arison forced Wade to quit MIAMI. like forcing someone to retire.
  11. ^ wow this is scary.. the way these clowns are practicing i can see a tank season.
  12. HEAT just signed Okafor White? seriously? whoever gets Damion Lee wins!
  14. i know man... just messing
  15. ^ stop reminding them Winslow boys about Booker bro.