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  1. Dwight coward made Whiteside cry omg!
  2. great box out there by TJ on the last play against a bigger match up.. i don't know with the HEAT man.. to tank or not. what's it gonna be?
  3. ..but when it's game time. Babbitt shoots 0-4 from 3s. i mean, he was signed to do that and he sucks on defense. to be fair to him, Spo's stupid small ball gets Babbitt killed during pnr switching on D where he always ends up guarding bigger players.
  4. yet another fake stats night for Hassan...why can't he be like Shaq back in the day? where they really get dominated and scared and the stats gets results... and seriously Spo can you just pls.... stop playing Babbitt.. this one trick pony is just a mismatch on defense and messes up the defending rotation worst than Beasley.
  5. the guy probably told UD, " man you're washed up." ...which i think it's true!
  6. well we're tied for 2nd worst team.. not bad i guess
  7. Haslem wants to be Artest 2.0
  8. Fizdale about to choke in Philly...
  9. Anthony Davis for HW and Winslow..
  10. Spo already got the memo long time ago that this is tank season.. Wade leaving, Bosh's health. Sorry guys but hopefully Winslow improves his shooting next season.
  11. he most probably will.. like he always does most games where he dominates but results in L.. Iverson used to be like that.. scores 40 something or more but loses. can't wait for coach Fiz to own Spo..
  12. Emblid will surely take HW out the perimeter with those 3s..