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  1. ..and team basketball always beat individual basketball as Isiah Thomas said.
  2. you were saying Greg Anthony? where are the HEAT gonna look for a score? someone shut up this undeserved commentator please.
  3. stupid refs favoring Harden all the time! someone give this guy a clothesline.
  4. that's because of the IQ... there's a reason the likes of Anthony Davis and Cousins are lottery picks.
  5. Bosh gave HW pointers as well we all saw that when Bosh was with them on the bench before even though Whiteside said that he hindered his development. not the exact words but something like it.. veteran leadership that's also missed.
  6. Bosh wasn't there during the playoffs tho to be fair..they never had a chance to play fully healthy together Dragic,Wade,Winlsow,BOSH,HW... They could have beaten Toronto easily and would have given the Cavs a hard time. But Bosh/ Whiteside is a good combo cause they don't conflict on each others way on offense.
  7. had Wade stayed and Bosh healthy, i think this team would be kicking some butts. Whiteside would be third option on offense or fourth and he can focus more on blocking shots and getting his money. ever since he started scoring, he ain't blocking no more. Ellington, James Johnson,McGruder are keepers... Babbitt, UD, Williams, McRoberts can all leave.. I would trade HW and WInlsow only for a Anthony Davis or Cousins package.
  8. someone tell Whiteside to block some shots..lazy *** dude. ZO should give this dude an *** whooping. the biggest impact of Wade's loss on the HEAT is not his scoring but his veteran leadership on this team on how he could get into Whiteside's head and tell him to play harder.
  9. 0 blocks for HW? seriously? getting lazy on D this guy.
  10. if they can't beat the Lakers, how much more the Clippers..
  11. coach Fiz giving his homeboy James Ennis the minutes .. and he still sucks
  12. Brooklyn is his best fit.
  13. pretty much they didn't get the memo..