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  1. Vashil's offense is not so good tho watching the clips. he's slow on the pnr and the school he played in doesn't really belong with the elites.
  2. trading Dragic would be a terrible mistake right now. he's one of the veterans in the team and he's already starting to gel with the team. the HEAT don't need journeymen like Gay and Collison imo.
  3. Dragic, TJ, Winslow, D. Williams, HW....
  4. i understand Bosh still wants to play, but he'll get his remaining millions anyways when he retires cause the insurance will pay Miami according to Greg Anthony. He won 2 championships. just take care of yourself and family CB1. just chill and relax. what more could you ask for.
  5. if Winslow's offense is like Booker's to cover up for Wade's loss... the HEAT just loss a 19 ppg go to player..
  6. lol i know... just that dp mentioned Riles still haven't sent Wade a farewell message.. Riles is a snake too like Arison but the NBA is about business same thing with the players and their CBA bs strike.
  7. Arison is the real snake... he has the last word on compensating Wade. it's his money not Riles.
  8. definitely not yet DP... Riles wanted Durant, he tried but KD already made up his mind long time ago. His chances of winning a ring with GS is 90%...Had KD signed, Riles would have looked like a genius. I think Riles got some ok temporary players on keeping the team a bit NBA relevant.. The front office should make up their minds if they are gonna make Bosh and Whiteside their 1-2 punch players so that they can have some peace of mind..Bosh is still a superstar in this league i think and can give the team at least 18 ppg. and 7 rebs..NBA players know that with Riles in Miami there's winning mentality no matter how ruthless he is. My question to you DP and the rest is who would you guys recommend to replace Riles if he steps down?
  9. did we really need another point guard?
  10. since the team is loaded with combo guards (TJ, J-Rich, Waiters, Weber) .... .. cheaper and younger too. adding Gay adds to the team's wing depth in case of injuries.
  11. wow!.. HEAT at #13 overall eh. could be. this team has nothing to lose.
  12. lol! ... problem is, BULLS doesn't want his clots or probably any other NBA team.
  13. problem is....
  14. you can say that again..
  15. the game is not played on paper.