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  1. HEAT don't need this 6"11 that prefers to live at the 18 ft area than pounding it down low.
  2. TJ Leaf ( replaces Babbitt) Andre Iguodala (can fill in Winslow's spot)
  3. he does look like an albino lizard! good observation!
  4. there you go! we can all now thank your favorite super team GS and KD! killed the smaller market teams. thanks Adam Silver you're very useful.
  5. i think Miami already learned some lessons in drafting Beasley and Bosh's career injury.. when in doubt, just choose the player without the injury concerns so you would not have to waste that first round pick! talking about Giles.
  6. time for a new username?..
  7. just when Hassan has finally realized that scoring is not only the most important thing but the whole team.. you don't wanna get rid of Hassan right now. he's the best intimidator underneath the basket that's rare these days. better pair him with Porzingis as the stretch 4 or one can rest one can stay as center. that would be crazy if it happens then you add Hayward...dang!
  8. what about... Winslow, McBob, and the 14th pick for Porzingis?
  9. it's more like his bone structure. he's a Keith Askins type player. will probably gain more weight when he retires.
  10. Okaro needs to add 20 lbs more of muscle to defend post up PFs otherwise he'll get blown pieces.
  11. but MIAMI only has a top 14 pick not top 4.. would be great to have Porzingis tho! imagine twin towers
  12. ^^ Anderson is a ball hog and his defense sucks arse we all saw that during the playoffs and he doesn't even rebound! Lou Williams is a ball hog as well.
  13. we all we're excited when we drafted Justise and i was pissed off of him too with all his bricks. His first summer league alone against Stanley Johnson he was a bit disappointed. He's rookie season i already conceded that this kid can't shoot with more airballs than made shots.. But Winslow did redeemed himself and his weaknesses during the playoffs especially against the Raptors when he had to play PF in his rookie season.