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  1. i'm starting to get the feeling this is like an Eddy Curry type player. he's gonna have a hard time losing those fats which is required.
  2. yup! any of you guys going? maybe we could like have some GTG. it's summer.. you guys could use some summer vacation.
  3. can't wait for the summer league in Vegas... HEAT plus slot machines what more can you ask for!
  4. Billy Donovan sucks ***!!! why the hell would you let a player like Roberson shoot 42% FTs? seriously what are your shooting coaches doing? Good job developing your players!
  5. things starting to get real for the Bucks! still gonna be interesting series.
  6. i prefer Riles would talk to Dion, JJ, and Reed first before PG13. If they don't find the offer fair then time to meet up with the sharks.
  7. i can't believe the Lakers gave Deng a 4 year 72 mil contract.. then decided not to use him cause they wanna give more minutes to their young players! why sign him in the first place anyway? what is really the plan? they did it to Nash too. crazy!!!
  8. that's your opinion..maybe if you were an NBA coach you'd probably beat all these NBA coaches.. what have you accomplished anyways NBA wise? care to share?
  9. it's either Dion+JJ or PG13. getting PG13 is a roadblock for Winslow's development. i don't wanna get rid of Dragic and Tyler either. the current unit the HEAT has already gelled it's gonna be hard to break but it depends on Dion and JJ's agents if they get greedy.
  10. yeah but these guys just don't wanna take the hard road.. they want short cuts like KD!
  11. i think PG is either gonna join the Spurs or the Cavs! form a big 4 of their own.
  12. Nate McMillan should be fired for making Miles Turner a 3pt shooter.. you Pacers really wanted that playoff spot eh.. so there's your sweep.. should have left that to the big boys HEAT.
  13. lol Pacers should just stay in Indiana after this to save some airplane fuel
  14. ^lol that's Turbo, Maj! Bet you already know that. Nate McMillan should have let Lance defend LBJ so he could blow on his face.