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  1. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    what? who?! Wade?!! would be nice if he comes back home Wade county! With all the help right now, Wade can chill most games then help carry the team in the playoffs.
  2. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    that's a piece sign Briante.. stop staring at KO you ain't HEAT anymore.
  3. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    lol is that Willie Reed the other team's center? isn't he supposed to be with the Clips?
  4. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    my bad dawg! advanced Happy Birthday then!
  5. 2016-2017 NBA Off-Season Thread

    let me score some of those ganja!!! puff puff give.
  6. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    that's another boring opener to watch.. they should open it against the Celtics in Boston.
  7. Name one Heat Player

    Tyler effin Johnson! will up field goal shooting to 48%, 3pt shooting to 40%, points per game to 16 ppg, assist per game to 4, rebs, heck he'll up all his stats on his way to be a 6th man of the year candidate along with Richardson. these 2 have ambitions on dethroning the current starting guards it will be bloody.
  8. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    poor Willie! hasn't even played a single game with the Clippers then this! goodbye contract? ex HEAT centers what's up with them. probably got pissed off himself after realizing that the deal he got with the Clippers after taxes is almost the same he would have gotten with MIAMI.
  9. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    Babbitttt!!!!!! come back!!!!! does it look like LA style acting?
  10. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    yeah!!! coach Spo FTW!
  11. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    but the relationship between Kyrie and Lebron is already messed up even if they make amends. they need to get rid of Kyrie since D-Rose is already on board. check out the disrespect to Spo here! Kerr, Thibs and Stan are ahead of him smh.
  12. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    you'll gain 42 million for that son!
  13. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    ^^ i think Briante is lost.
  14. Josh Richardson's Extension: What's The Best Course Of Action?

    HEAT FO probably want another TJ situation.
  15. 2017 Miami Heat Offseason Thread

    tell us something we don't know Barry. KO is the perfect compliment to HW in the starting lineup at the 4... Babbitt was a great on taking his man away from the basket on offense last season but on defense most of the time bigger 4s took advantaged of him he didn't really played a lot of minutes but was Spo's starter to balance the team. This coming season the HEAT can probably afford to start JJ ahead of Justise at the 3 position with HW,KO,Dion and Goran with it then have a good second unit of J-Rich, TJ,McRuder,Justise and Bam.. that's a hell of a defensive second unit right there and a have a left over of Ellington.. dang that's a dangerous and young second unit imo. ... anyways thanks Luke Babbitt for being a good pro!