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  1. Rate what the Previous Poster's Listening To

    8/10 Still my favorite J Cole song to date
  2. What Movie Did You Just Watch?

    Jesse's departure is the beginning for Need For Speed lol
  3. What Movie Did You Just Watch?

    Going to miss Breaking Bad very much. Would like to have seen Jesse say "yeah *****" once more while strangling Todd or Walter to tell Todd he gave the ricin to Lydia. But the ending was perfect and I feel very satisfied on how it went down. Many other shows would try to milk out everything they can out of their cash cow, but to see BB go out on its own creative terms is refreshing. I don't think you will find to many shows especially in this day and age that would go down that route
  4. What Movie Did You Just Watch?

    I spent some of my summer watching all 3 seasons of The Walking Dead. Can't wait for season 4!