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  1. Great post
  2. We could do much worse than signing Chalmers for $5-6 Mill to play on our second unit
  3. Nah Im good. Im a Miami native who has been riding with the HEAT since day 1. What are your "real fan" credentials, I mean other than having a hardon for Wade obvs....
  4. Coup, Donnie, CP cool?
  5. That's nice. This "real" fan roots for Pat Riley too as long as he is representing the HEAT. I also prefer the mods dont insult him or use profanity. We shall see how the people I email feel about that though /the "real fan" card has been put into play this could get serious
  6. Yeah Im sure. I thought you were going to bounce since the HEAT "wont be winning anytime soon". But yeah, I do wonder why its ok for the mods to post profanity and openly mock Pat Riley. I suppose I'll email someone with my concerns
  7. You sure you should remain a mod typing stuff like that?
  8. but but but "Wade County"! Good post man.
  9. Yep. Wade = scrub Whiteside = scrub Winslow = scrub Bosh = Scrub Dragic = scrub Sorry dude you posting dumb **** like the HEAT being a team full of scrubs isnt going to fly with me. You calling people little kids did make me LOL though. carry on
  10. Huge thanks to the Nets for bailing us out. Tyler is just another guy
  11. Actually, it starts with touching the ball. We didnt feed him nearly enough! Just look at his FG%
  12. Spo was sandbagging Hassan to try and keep his salary down but it failed, as lots of the things Spo does
  13. Thats the dumbest thing I've seen posted here in quite some time
  14. So excited. This is like Christmas Im ready to watch Whiteside continue his basketball domination Hugs and hand pounds HEAT faithful!