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  1. Doesnt say much considering 24 of the leagues 30 teams are playing but ok
  2. If it was me Id offer Shane Battier the job
  3. Lets make it happen HEAT Nation. What a glorious bobblehead for all to own and admire it will be Can have it be a talking bobblehead with Eric or you can have Coach Tony roll solo. Coup, Donnie, Joe, you out there? Lets do this! Ronnie Rothstein is also deserving of the bobblehead honor.
  4. Lets talk about the moment the HEAT lost back to back must win games at home to a second string knicks team and the nuggets eliminating themselves from the playoffs
  5. They are well supported to but that doesnt mean the HEAT needed to buy a controlling interest and it also didnt mean the old owners needed to sell Id put money on them moving within the next 5 years
  6. Doesnt make much sense to me. Gut tells me they wont be in Souix Falls much longer. Im guessing the team is renamed the HEAT after next season and moves after 2-3 more seasons, perhaps to the former home of the Florida Flame. The rivalry with the Lakeland Magic will be intense. BTW, the Memphis Hustle have a strong logo...
  7. Whiteside will be an Allstar this season but I agree with you other than that
  8. Why not just leave the 3 point shooting to the guards for the most part? I mean did we really enjoy watching Bosh play soft and jack up 3s when he should have been in the paiint? Let Blake and Whiteside dominate the paint which would open up space for Dragic/Waiters etc to shoot from outside
  9. Whats to be unsure about? We all know he hasnt been, and wont be, properly utilized by Sp o but that doesnt mean he wont contribute when given the minutes. McRoberts is a viable NBA player which cant be said for 3-4 guys on the roster. If you mean a trade, lol only way someone is taking him on after his severe misuse last season is if we include pick #14
  10. Move would make the team better. Spo is going to have to admit McRoberts is healthy and play him this season how many PF do we need?
  11. lulz. I love JJ but he can kick rocks if we can get Blake. Losing Dion would force us to draft a guard as we cant rely on Tyler
  12. The first annual Cinco de Waiters