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  1. lulz that made me laugh we arent making trades to get worse
  2. Id take T Jones in a second would instantly improve the team. Id even throw them Richardson if we had to
  3. He actually compared the two? LOL Come on Toots you are smarter than that
  4. I have a feeling McRoberts will suddenly be healthy enough to play if he is on the roster after the trade deadline
  5. He could score for one thing 10+ points 6 times. 17 points in 31 mins vs Cleveland. Not so bad for a guy that played sparingly Its pathetic that Ty Lue knows how to utilize a player better than our Tactical Genius. Isnt part of coaching maximizing a players ability/putting them in positions to be successful? BTW, it's "coup de graCE"âce
  6. *93.8% 19 3s taken thats a super large sample size isnt it bruh? Dude totally earned his 2 year contract so what if he cant play in games right? Udonis would tell you playing in actual games is overrated
  7. That must be why GOATside backed up Amare. LOL, remember that buffoonery?
  8. Probably Arizona. Has White? Williams being underutilized by the HEAT doesnt make White any less average
  9. LULZ outside shooting is exactly what we need from our PF :eyeroll Okaro 2/7 from 3 White. lol. Okaro has only played 7 mins in the last 3 games because he isnt good White
  10. Hard to do much when you arent on the court. Williams has already done more in 2-3 games in Cleveland than White will do all season
  11. He isnt playing because he isnt good. Should have had the Sky Force resign him. Okaro isnt ready to be effective in the NBA. Derrick Williams was ready but our tactical genius didnt see it. Terrance Jones> Derrick Williams> Okaro White
  12. Id love the Celts to trade for marshMelo they wouldnt win isht
  13. Letting Williams go for White didnt make much sense but Spo gonna Spo
  14. The whole goal is to improve over what we currently have. We just need them to be effective for 10-15 mins per game. I still dont understand why we panic signed Okaro White. Bring in Terrance Jones plz
  15. I guess. That would come down to $ if it was me. If we had Butler we wouldnt need the PG to score as much so Id start Tyler at PG If Chalmers is healthy now Id sign him and use the $ we save somewhere else