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  1. Well, after tonight we can cross Rudy Gay off the list
  2. At least someone gets it
  3. Wins are overrated effort is more important I guess Tyler fits in perfectly. "So what if we suck, we try hard!" Dude is averaging 13.9 ppg on 45.8% shooting. Lets give the mascot a contract extension
  4. He sure seems like he is to me
  5. Ira is an *** for even implying the HEAT are shopping Whiteside. Hassan is getting better every time he plays....less dumb fouls...greatly improved shooting % and range. Its really fun to watch. Like I said every player has a price but I just dont see a reason why we would trade a guy that isnt anywhere near his peak yet. If it were me I would do absolutely nothing. Use the roster spot Bosh leaving opens up and start prospecting guys on 10 day contracts.
  6. Remember when all the opposing coaches waxed poetic about how great Al Golden was? This is the same kind of thing
  7. Yeah, **** it really sucks watching him dominate 80% of the time.....dude is garbage we need to trade him
  8. You dont need to troll, no one is going to take the bait
  9. LOL
  10. No State income tax in FL, Max income tax bracket in DC.....8.95%
  11. You know how certain people rise to the occasion? It seems to me Tyler is a bit of the opposite. We are getting little to no scoring production from our 2nd unit in the 4th quarter lately and Im looking in the direction of Tyler and Richardson and pondering why we cant score
  12. 6/16 12 points 7 reb 3 ast I'd take that pretty much every game but he is getting better
  13. You got it. We could package together to get Wall but no need
  14. Yes, if we are offered John Wall or Westbrook....... No otherwise
  15. So people are willing to tank for something that may or may not happen 3 years down the road. I obviously disagree Our team when healthy can compete with any team in the East not named Cleveland and I doubt things will get any better until Lebron retires. So instead of chasing what will probably will never be lets focus on improving what we already have. Free Agents hard to sign? No problem we can take someone in trade