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  1. MiamiCanes69

    2017-18 Season Recap: A Year of Redemption

    Redemption is a bit much
  2. MiamiCanes69

    Coach Tony bobblehead

  3. MiamiCanes69

    Coach Tony bobblehead

    I do. That's a good question though, Why do people go to regular season games?
  4. MiamiCanes69

    Thank You

    Joe bring back the game chats please. Mr Fiorentino can moderate
  5. MiamiCanes69

    Coach Tony bobblehead

    Strong. What about a talking one that says "Yeah Baby!" Though? You can have my Spo t-shirt I have enough rags. What about HEAT trading cards or a model of the arena? Wade deserves a bobblehead I mean Eddie House has a Heat bobblehead
  6. MiamiCanes69

    Coach Tony bobblehead

    Such a predictable response.😑 I went to a game or two (Thank you Joe) and one of them was against the 6ers during the Regular season where Wade beasted and Hassan had 26 points on 9/12 shooting. I get that it helps some of you sleep at night pretending he sucks instead of questioning our leadership BUT..... This is about potential Stadium give aways. Just picture how tight we will all look in our Coach Tony guyaberas (sponsored by Perry Ellis)
  7. MiamiCanes69

    Coach Tony bobblehead

    Since we aren' going to be winning anything of substance under the current "leadership" I think we should focus on having fun. What types of stadium give aways would you like to see you reward fans for spending their money to watch the HEAT become the Dolphins? Here are my ideas: Udonis Bobblehead. Wade bobblehead. Coach Tony bobblehead.... or mustache cream give away ( yeah baby!) Beach towels What say you fellow Heat fans? Yes even you Spo apologists
  8. MiamiCanes69

    Will the HEAT make the PLAYOFFS?

    TJ had nowhere to go but up. We still put Wade out there to play hero ball even when Tyler is having a solid game
  9. MiamiCanes69

    Will the HEAT make the PLAYOFFS?

    Lol @ washed Wade "saving this team" too funny! This isn't 2010 or even 2014 anymore. Wade was brought back to sell merchandise and tickets to suckers living in the past, it's not about winning. So no we won't be making the playoffs. Sadly people will just use the injury excuse and give Spo a pass
  10. MiamiCanes69

    W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    So what if we took another L, Ricky Davis ....I mean Wade got his shots up and that's more important than wins
  11. MiamiCanes69

    INFERNO GIVEAWAY: Dwyane Wade Signed Jersey

    Glad Amas is no longer eligible for the Whiteside jersey 😊 (I'll loan you my login Amas)
  12. MiamiCanes69

    INFERNO GIVEAWAY: Dwyane Wade Signed Jersey

    What did you win
  13. MiamiCanes69

    W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    1/6. He tore it up. He is washed
  14. MiamiCanes69

    W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    Lol you can admit what we all know... He was brought back to sell merchandise to suckers living in the past. Wade is the non hero you all deserve
  15. MiamiCanes69

    W3LCOM3 HOM3 WAD3 !!!

    I totally understand the hardons most of you have for Wade but you crossed the line. Lol at thinking a washed wade is better than Hassan😂 Do better