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  1. HEAT 109 - Magic 116 Game Recap

    Nah they have to hate on someone since Rio and Beasley aren't around. They had a meeting and decided on 20 🙄
  2. 2017-2018 Heat Regular Season Thread

    Strong post Justise. I don't know exactly how I would do it but Winslow should maybe start, Mickey needs to play, and Tyler needs to play more than 21 mins. Hopefully someone like Mickey can help Tyler with second unit scoring because we can't just defend and not score for 5 mins at a time
  3. HEAT 109 - Magic 116 Game Recap

    1-3. Are we going to suck again? Riles told us this roster is good....yet we can't beat a bottom feeder like the magic! I must be missing something
  4. HEAT 109 - Magic 116 Game Recap

    I think we lost to a garbage team that will be in the lottery #realtalk
  5. HEAT 109 - Magic 116 Game Recap

    You prefer they have their back to the play?🙄 I'm so glad our tactical genius had the team ready to play
  6. Who Will Replace Tony?

    By leaving you mean forced retirement. I'd offer Shane Battier the job like yesterday
  7. Do You Guys Think Riley's Time Is Up?

    LOL at people acting like Riley is back to being a genius we had almost $40 mill to spend and the best we could do is Waiters/JJ/Olynik? LULZ FOOH! I guess thats why we dumb down our expectations to maybe being a top for 4 team in the East. Truth be told Riles and Arison would be happy if Spo is able to make the playoffs so they can sell the #Culture bs
  8. 2017 - 18 Regular Season Wins Prediction

    Worst #hottake I've seen posted here. Congrats I guess What on earth has Mcgruder done to earn the right to start? No, being a marginal nba player isnt a reason
  9. Will Dion Waiters Become The Heat's Next Superstar?

    He owes a huge thank you to Tyler Johnson. If Tyler wasnt so average Dion wouldnt be here
  10. Winslows Development

    Whiteside is our superstar. Hopefully Spo finally realizes this and lets Hassan touch the ball more and play heavy minutes. As for Winslow, as long as he plays good defense his 12 ppg will be a bonus. PS Im glad we didnt get Chandler Parsons 2.0
  11. Summer League: Magic 81 – HEAT 68 Game Recap

    More poor coaching #Culture
  12. What would you do if you were Riley right now?

    Yeah, srsly! Cut Reed loose and send White to the SkyForce
  13. 2017 Heat Summer league

    Doesnt say much considering 24 of the leagues 30 teams are playing but ok
  14. 2017 Heat Summer league