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  1. So then it makes even less sense. I mean we are just going to give away our second best player just for the sake of being kind to another team? Its not like we wont have plenty of $ to spend once Bosh is off the books. BTW Max, why do you post things like "we're BOSH-ED for the season,...................................." ? Do you think its funny or offers anything to the discussion?
  2. Lol So you think the Warriors or Cavs would give us something that would improve our team in a trade for him? Last I checked they have Irving and Curry. You are so full of brown stuff I dont know how you see out of your eyes but I'll indulge you: Whom are these "Sturdy playoff teams"? Name them.
  3. Have they shown they cant compete for a playoff spot? It seems to me they have been in pretty much every game other than the Detroit game. Even if we we were to trade him: A. what would you expect to get in return? B. whom would you replace him with in the massive,massive hole you just created? Like I said this is just fools talk. Dragic is our second best player yet people want to trade him. Yeah, ok
  4. Jamal Mashburn
  5. What does that even mean? You dont think the HEAT are a playoff contender when healthy? Trading Dragic would be really stupid. Frankly I question the intellect and basketball acumen of most of the people who post here. Scary stuff really
  6. No, no its "Actually" 4. The Pistons who are currently in 8th in the East have 11 wins, the HEAT have 7 it's pretty simple really It's going to be more this time next week? You can see the future or something? It's really hard to come here and post when I have to read nonsense like that from someone who is supposedly a HEAT fan As is "Making the playoffs could actually hurt the HEAT" Such an asinine statement. Tell me how sucking is working out for the 76ers. It's winning that attracts Free Agents, not losing.
  7. Call yourself a HEAT fan while wanting them to suck for the next 3+ months lol The HEAT are only 4 games out of 8th give it a rest. lol
  8. Is that some kind of sick joke? 3 Game road trip stats for everyones hero Tyler: 13/38 shooting 35 points -16 in +/- but hey, Micky thinks he can play basketball lol
  9. HEAT would win much less often than they do now with Tyler as our Starting point guard. Lets be honest, he is ok as SG especially on the second unit but thats pretty much it 4th best player on team? Whiteside, Dragic, Waiters .... Has Tyler contributed more than James Johnson and Richardson? Perhaps, but not by much. Tyler is an overpaid bench player starting for our depleted Miami HEAT. Hopefully he keeps playing over his head until Waiters returns though
  10. Joe is just being modest about this amazing event. The Hurricanes are playing in game 2. The player in question played 3 games for the HEAT last season
  11. yes we know AMas92 is impressive but guessing is fun