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  1. LMAO dude just said we were losing games because players were out of shape. Too funny you guys are awesome Thanks for the laugh
  2. Thats where we disagree, there is plenty of talent...and more than the teams around us in the standings. We arent talking about winning the East we are talking about being the 6,7,8 seed. We were severely underperforming at 11-30 it really is that simple
  3. It took Spo more than half the season to turn all the talent on the roster into a team that wasnt one of the worst 4 in the league. That doesnt impress me. The "OMG Wade left!, what did you expect?" spin is complete garbage. Did you expect us to be one of the worst teams in the league? Riley most certainly did not. No one, not a single person, was acting like we were going to be the #1 seed in the East. Riley put together a well rounded roster that would contend for a playoff spot. If Spo was a decent coach we wouldnt have been 11-30, we would have been more like 18-23. I dont know why I bother but the excuses and justifications make me sick
  4. LOL the best coach of a team with a losing record EVER! Give Hassan the ball and let him dominate. Hard to 2x team him when Waiters/Ellington/Dragic are knocking down outside shots. Buying into the "team thing" is as big a bunch of BS as the whole "HEAT lifer" charade. Is Spo effing around with Hassans minutes part of "the process" or are we just trying to keep the opposition in the games? GOATside got his 3rd foul in the 3rd and we sit him for what seemed like an eternity Why not put him back in for the last couple mins of the 3rd, give him a couple mins of rest if he needs it...and then let him finish the game? Reed wasnt good, and Okaro was even worse
  5. LOL at Blake missing that shot at the end we could all see that coming
  6. 20 points, 17 reb not bad
  7. Tied with Detroit for 8th 1/2 game behind 7th 2 games behind 6th
  8. We shut down Winslow and McRoberts and will still make the playoffs Riley is a god
  9. Its all good he probably loved Cole and Napier lol
  10. LOL Norris Cole sighting remember when you all claimed he was better than Rio? lulz / Cole> T Johnson though
  11. Chalmers is infinitely better than tyler will ever be 1/9 2 points -8 +/- is this real life? Play Richardson he actually has potential
  12. How many playoff series has Nate played in? But yes the list is long of players who could contribute more than tyler as our backup pg