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  1. No, 41-41 is average try to follow along. Missing the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years without Lebron = not very good. Its really dumb to wax poetic about this magical .500 season like we are Magic fans or something. People want to give the COY to a guy that finished 3rd in his division LOL Im done you guys are too funny and you will just censor my posts. Have fun worshiping a very average coach
  2. Best coach of a .500 team in the history of sports. He should be put in the Hall of Fame immediately. Stuff of legend really
  3. And 41-41 is very much average like exactly average. We've missed the playoffs 2 of the past 3 season
  4. Nah, you just have nothing to add. So just say you have nothing to add.
  5. And we've missed the playoffs 2 of those 3 seasons. Enough Said.
  6. It has everything to do with it for some people Dont pretend like some of his popularity doesnt come from his being Asain. Now answer my question, what exactly has Spo done without Lebron on the team?
  7. What exactly has Spo done other than having Wade and/or Lebron on our team? Go on, please tell me. Is Tyrone Lue a good coach because he Lebron let him coach Cleveland? No We've made it out of the first round once without Lebron on the roster We've missed the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years. The only HEAT coach to miss the playoffs more is Ron Rothstein Go on, am I missing something other than "3 time nba coach" being Asian?
  8. No, I most certainly did not expect it to take "3 time nba coach" more than half a season to field a viable starting lineup. 11-30 is really,really bad like brutal. If Spo was the coaching god some of you claim he is we would have beaten some of the terrible teams we lost to. You really do need to stop with the lack of talent nonsense though I mean like immediately! Pat Riley covered our bases with talent and depth at every position and that was obvious from the first game of the season where we had 6 guys score 10+ points We will make the playoffs next season but it will have more to do with Whiteside dominating than it will anything spo does
  9. Some of you really, really bought into the whole #Culture nonsense. We would have been "at least two-three games above .500" with Waiters Yet we could barely win 1/4th of our games during the first half of the season. Are you serious? I cant even comprehend some of the stuff posted here. I must have missed the memo before the season declaring we had no shot to make the playoffs. I wish I could look the other way while some of you minimize the talent on the team while making Spo into some kind of coaching god but Im just not going to. The blatant lies arent going to fly while Im here
  10. The word is nucleus sir
  11. Wrong on both counts. It really frosts my arse when people talk out of both sides of their mouth . First you write "they shut down many players midway" and now you are essentially claiming McRoberts wasnt one of them? Go sell your BS elsewhere because m not buying it As for "not needing him", thats rich! We missed the playoffs didnt we? Kinda seems to me that we needed, Reed and White are garbage but we "dont need" McRoberts lulz too funny
  12. But did we have a winning record? Make the playoffs? We were 3rd in our division. Do we get some sort of participation trophy? I get that some of you are so mindlessly sold on the whole #Culture thing but in the end we failed to make the playoffs which was the goal. So willing to gloss over the fact that we went half a season as one the worst teams in the league. As Yoda once said "Do, or do not, there is no try" Like I said, making the simple Jason Kidd can do it
  13. "Many", as in 2 (Winslow and McRoberts). Does Haslem count? When does it come out why UD didnt play? I think its really ***** that we were more concerned with saving face than we were of putting our best players on the court. McRoberts was healthy enough to play at least the last couple weeks and we just sat on him. Truly pathetic #Culture
  14. Credit for what? Last I checked we didnt even have a winning season