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  1. yes we know AMas92 is impressive but guessing is fun
  2. Great post
  3. We could do much worse than signing Chalmers for $5-6 Mill to play on our second unit
  4. Nah Im good. Im a Miami native who has been riding with the HEAT since day 1. What are your "real fan" credentials, I mean other than having a hardon for Wade obvs....
  5. Coup, Donnie, CP cool?
  6. That's nice. This "real" fan roots for Pat Riley too as long as he is representing the HEAT. I also prefer the mods dont insult him or use profanity. We shall see how the people I email feel about that though /the "real fan" card has been put into play this could get serious
  7. Yeah Im sure. I thought you were going to bounce since the HEAT "wont be winning anytime soon". But yeah, I do wonder why its ok for the mods to post profanity and openly mock Pat Riley. I suppose I'll email someone with my concerns
  8. You sure you should remain a mod typing stuff like that?