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  1. If Rio really was on First Take, where is the clip!!!?!?
  2. There is no split up. After all the Cole homers from the beginning of the season left to... I don't know, bandwag Westbrook or something(?), GQ is more or less all by himself.
  3. +1 Did he call Rio "Boo" though?
  4. Yeeeeeaaah, you're done.
  5. Comeback fail. Just stop posting already.
  6. Im done with the whole GOAT Rio vs Cole what ever trolling. Its not even fun anymore. Rio is just playing great and have been for a while. He turning in to the player we have seen flashes from before. He will have a big part in HEAT potentially winning a ring this season and more in the future. Cole had a solid rookie year. Hopefully he will continue on that road next year, and maybe have a pair of solid showings this post season.
  7. 22-6-4, not even a big deal anymore. Just a day at the office. Easy money. (Also, it wasn't like Rio guarded Rondo the whole game)
  8. Delusional Cole homers...
  9. Cant tell if you sarcastic or not.
  10. ZzZzzZZzZZZZZzzzZzzzz
  11. I don't see whats so wrong with letting Rio take the three. He is a better 3pt shooter then both LeBron and (especially) Wade. After those two he is the probably the much clutch player on the team. In terms of having the balls to step up and make that shot. He got away a god shot, and was fouled. Neither LeBron or Wade had it going for them at that time. Sure you might like to see James take some more shots like that, especially since he has been shooting good from deep, and Wade hasn't. But its up to him, you can blame Spo all you want, but if LeBron said that he wants the shot, do you think Spo would say no? I personally think superstars takes these kinds of shots to often. Sure you want the ball in the hands of someone like James or Wade if you want to get to the basket, and Kobe or Durant if you need a three. So they should obviously always be the first choice. But if HEAT need a three I rather have JJ or Rio shooting a regular shot then Wade or James doing some ninja flip, fade away of the dribble. To often does superstars take bad shots instead of role-players taking good shots. It doesn't matter if your a top 3 player in the league shooting it jumping backwards over three defenders is not better then a open teammate. Especially then the teammate is a better shooter then you are. Thats also why if the game comes down to a midrange shot, I think Bosh, our best midrange shooter, should take it more often then he does. But now Im derailing the thread away form the GOAT.
  12. Its a shame, it looked like Rio was about to get it going both in the beginning and the end, but he never really did. We need him to step up and be that third option has has been for us at times during the season. James will need to do lot of what Bosh does for us. So Rio needs to take on some of James stuff, as attacking the basket and the playmaking.