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  1. Video Games Thread

    What a noob scoring less than 30 in My Player
  2. Video Games Thread

    DAMN Live Physic is so retarded saw some videos of it, especially those warping hug fouls
  3. Video Games Thread

    Just found this out there So this is next gen huh
  4. Video Games Thread

    At NBA 2k14 next gen my career do you get to talk to Pat Riley as GM?
  5. Video Games Thread

    LeBron James: 99 Ray Allen: 80 Dwyane Wade: 92 Mario Chalmers: 76 Kevin Durant: 94 Chris Paul: 94 Kobe Bryant: 93 Carmelo Anthony: 92 Derrick Rose: 92 Russell Westbrook: 91 Blake Griffin: 85 Eric Bledsoe: 82 Brandon Jennings: 83 Iman Shumpert: 82 Roy Hibbert: 81 Victor Oladipo: 76 Paul George: 88 Cody Zeller: 68 Brook Lopez: 81 Jared Dudley: 73 Anthony Bennett: 76 Pau Gasol: 81 Evan Turner: 76 Stephen Curry: 88 Trey Burke: 73 Jamal Crawford: 80 Otto Porter Jr: 74 CJ McCollum: 73 John Wall: 85 Nerlens Noel: 72 Monta Ellis: 82 Ben McLemore: 72 Chris Johnson: 66 Harrison Barnes: 76 James Harden: 89 Mason Plumlee: 61 Glen Davis: 75 Caldwell Pope: 71 Steve Nash: 81 Marc Gasol: 83 Giannis Adetokunbo: 60 Rajon Rondo: 90 Klay Thompson: 76 Steven Adams: 58 Anthony Davis: 80 Dion Waiters: 77 Chris Kaman: 75 Nick Young: 72
  6. Video Games Thread

    + 6 months for PC release
  7. Video Games Thread

    NBA 2k finally gave LeBron a rating he deserves at release day A fawkin 99
  8. Video Games Thread

    and now, NBA 2k14 is something to look forward to Hope they rightfully rate LeBron as 99
  9. Video Games Thread

    Questions.... So is that Gaikai service for backward compatibility games has a monthly subscription or is it just a 1 time pay per game unlimited use? Will the games be downloaded or be comparable to like watching videos online like what it said... streaming?
  10. Video Games Thread

    Im pissed PC at least for this year gets the PS3 port version not the next gen PS4 SMH 2k... at least for that
  11. Video Games Thread

    I'm hoping 2k would release WWE 2k14 for PC havent played any WWE games since 2007
  12. Video Games Thread

    Is it just me or Bioshock Infinite looks like a Disney art for some reason Anyways DLing Starcraft 2: HotS, next would be Bioshock Infinite... PC Gaming is so damn slow, next quality game would be - Remember Me on June, NBA 2k14 & AC4 on October
  13. Video Games Thread

    Hurray I got my wish of having a great pirate game, but really do they have to make it as another assassins creed title instead of a standalone pirate game Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
  14. Video Games Thread

    Dayum... cant wait for the PC release Is WatchDogs a 2013 or 2014 title btw? ====== Oh and also schiz, make a new thread for the new year
  15. Video Games Thread

    Haha Ys such an underrated series, i played 1,2,3, 6, and origins