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  1. The Pelicans just got really scary with Cousins and Davis in the frontcourt! Hopefully Cousins leaves all that knuckleheadness in Sac Town!
  2. I love this team! Their chemistry is improving greatly and it shows. We've beaten 2 of the top 3 teams in the West and are making a push for the 8th seed! Enjoy the ride peeps! Let's go Heat!!!
  3. Our streak ends at 13. I'm liking the chemistry of our team and I'm hoping it continues. Let's go Heat!!!
  4. Baker's Dozen Baby!!!!!!! Let's go Heat!!!
  5. Outstanding!!! Another W by the Heat!!!
  6. Hey everyone!!! What a wild ride this season has been! One minute we look awful with injuries everywhere and the next we're looking dominant and gelling as a team!!! Enjoy the ride peeps!!! Let's go Heat!!!
  7. I want to thank CB1 for being a Heat player! He's one of my all time favorite NBA players and I wish him all the best. I hate to see his career possibly ending the way it is though. I hope he's able to play again but it seems highly doubtful. Thanks for the great Heat memories!!!!
  8. I like it!!!!
  9. If Bosh is medically cleared to play he should play. His leadership and experience will be instrumental for this young team we have. If he has to medically retire, then so be it. I'll thank him for his time with the Heat and look to the future of our team.
  10. I voted no. He couldn't forsee the multiple injuries to McRoberts or Bosh's blood clots so I don't count that against him. As for the other things, I don't have a problem with any of the other decisions he's made with the exception of the Tyler Johnson signing (I'm still scratching my head over that one). It was time for us to start getting younger and we've definitely done that. Looking forward to this season! Let's go Heat!!!
  11. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I had to laugh at myself! Instead of Derrick Williams I was thinking Deron Williams! It finally clicked when you posted his age!!!!
  12. What's done is done. I've liked what I've seen from J Rich and Winslow in the Summer League! It's the beginning of a new chapter in Heat Nation! Whiteside, Bosh, Winslow, J Rich, and Dragic will be making teams feel the Heat baby!!!! Now we need to focus on shoring up our bench/backups. Let's go Heat!!!
  13. I just want to say thanks to everyone for tonight! I haven't laughed this hard on these boards since LeBron left! Here's to a healthier CB1 and major progression from Winslow and J. Rich!!! Let's go Heat!!!
  14. Wishing Wade the best! It's time to turn the page now. Our starting lineup is Dragic, Richardson, Winslow, Bosh (?), Whiteside. We need to get some bench players. I do like the Summer League PG and J. Howard has shown some flashes. I see us playing more up-tempo with Dragic, Richardson, and Winslow in the starting lineup and going to Bosh and Whiteside when we have to run our half-court offense. Let's go Heat!!!
  15. It was for total for 2 years