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  1. Why are Heat fans being shat on by Lebron and now Wade?
  2. Maybe Mike Miller will tweet a hint like he did last year
  3. Guys...... Wade's father is in a MIAMI church wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt. I repeat : he is in MIAMI. He is not in a church in Cleveland. Wade's dad has NO CONNECTION to Ohio. NONE. There is absolutely no reason for him to be wearing a Cavs shirt ..... unless he is repping his son's new team. He's gone to help his "friend"
  4. Really dirty.
  5. If Wade goes to Cleveland..... The only statue that goes up at AAA is Pat Riley's. Or Alonzo Mourning's. Heck, I'd put up a Mario Chalmers statue before I see a Wade one. If Wade really goes to Cleveland, he will have burned every single bridge and all the goodwill he built in Miami. This was WADE COUNTY. Not anymore if he goes to Cleveland to help the Queen win.