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Ultimate Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions Wallpaper Collection

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Miami Heat are your 2012 NBA Champions and what better way to celebrate their achievements than this artwork of the traditional rise of the Championship Banner. This doesnt happen until opening night of the following season so we have left you a exclusive treat here just for you Heat fans! Enjoy and congratulations on being crowned Champions.

Here is a collection of new Miami Heat NBA Champions Wallpapers from Posterizes. You can download the wallpapers by clicking on the links below or by clicking here to see the entire gallery: Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

More sizes are being added! So check back soon if the one you want isn't there! Updates will include tons of sizes, including for phones/ipad etc...


1. Download your LeBron James NBA Finals Trophy Wallpapers by Clicking here.


2. Download your Miami Heat "Big Three Champions" wallpaper by clicking here.


3. Download your Miami Heat 2012 Team Champions Wallpaper by clicking here


4. Download your Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions Banner wallpaper here.


5. Download your LeBron James 2012 Heat Champion Wallpaper here.

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9. Download your Dwyane Wade Championship Aspirations Wallpapers here.


10. Download your Miami Heat Haters Gonna Hate "Champions" Wallpaper here.


11. Download your LeBron James "Finality" Wallpapers here.

We have plenty more Heat Wallpapers on the site, as well as other teams! Be sure to check it out. smile.png Again, if you have any questions or requests, be sure to leave them! These were all designed by the design team at check us out sometime! :) Hope you like it!

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More sizes coming soon. Also, we have a couple more LeBron wallpapers we will be posting, including one of the infamous "Vampire Shirt" style with the fangs! Gonna post them soon!

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More sizes coming soon. Also, we have a couple more LeBron wallpapers we will be posting, including one of the infamous "Vampire Shirt" style with the fangs! Gonna post them soon!

Its a lion shirt not vampire

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    • By DWarner4
      For about a year now, I've been predicting that LeBron will be returning to the Miami Heat next season. While the mainstream media is just now starting to accept this as a possibility, I felt like it was a probability that he'd definitely be considering them once again, if not choosing to return for certain.
      Some of you may not wish for this to happen as you're LeBron haters, or just like the team how it is. Others will be quite happy if he returns and the team returns to everyday NBA and social media relevance. For what it's worth, I'd kinda like to see it myself, just for the sake of change and the anticipation it creates. I also like Spoelstra as a coach...
      Whether we would like it to happen or not, the ball has likely already started rolling for his management team in regards to lining up potential teammates to come with him to South Beach for a chance to take down the almighty Warriors or newly powerful Rockets.
      Think about it. It makes some sense over all the other possible destinations in a lot of ways.
      He recently said he puts family and winning first and foremost.
      His family was quite comfortable living in Miami, are very familiar with the city layout, and have connections to find out about the local schools quickly. His sons and DWade's boys may just end up playing some HS ball together. What kind of cameras and recruiting would that bring? We know both of them like attention and why not generate some for their boys like nobody ever has? The weather is A1, probably better than LA, and there's a more flavorful swag to the city. Plus the checks are state tax free...They still own property in the area, and because of all this, the transition there would be easier than it would be anywhere except for staying in Cleveland. That covers the family portion of his requirements. Miami is an A or A+ in that regard...
      The winning part seems to come with him. And he's had a knack for getting guys to join him or holding the leverage with an organization to force them to make bold moves. I can see a few potential moves developing for Miami should he decide to come back.
      If Houston gets the 65 wins and doesn't win the Chip, I could see Chris Paul sneaking out of Texas and into Florida to join his long time buddy.
      With the development in San Antonio, moves regarding Kawhi Leonard and LeBron have been whispered about.
      Paul George is another guy who has a good relationship with Bron and wants to win badly. Bad enough that he tried playing with two ball hogs this year! He may be up for a glamorous, highlight filled Miami stop after living in Oklahoma and Indiana.
      The Heat have no picks in the upcoming couple of drafts, but Dragic could be a good pick up in San Antonio to join Pops international group and take over where Murray hasn't quite stepped up and if Kawhi is gonna go, they may as well start seeing what they can get for him. Whiteside may also be better utilized elsewhere, as it sounds like he was saying last week in his little outburst...So there are moves that could be made. Arison and Riley aren't afraid to spend money as evidenced by them having the 4th highest projected spending league wide this year. And I don't think Pat Riley is content with being an also-ran. He doesn't do this to have his team not compete at the highest levels. Nor Arison... And while Spo has done wonders with the roster he has had over the years, when Riley gives him a little more in the cupboard, we all saw how he managed that...4 Seasons, 4 Finals.
      As a franchise for winning, they're a grade  A. Currently it may not appear that way, but a makeover can change things quickly...
      And lastly, and probably the largest thing, is LeBrons ego and quest to be seen as better than the mythological GOAT, Michael Jordan. Not sure obsession would be the right word, but something close to it, no doubt.
      Staying in the East makes sense for this. It appears to be the easier path to the Finals for his teams, despite the final Power Rankings showing that 4 of the top 6 teams were in the East this year.
      He's gone to 7 straight Finals and despite his team being the 4 seed, isn't much of an underdog in Vegas to make it again. With a few moves that can happen in Miami. He can't win unless he can get to the Finals, and finishing second is always better than finishing 3rd or worse, so it's a smart tactic that most people clearly understand.
      He could go to the Warriors to win for sure like KD did, then people would bash him relentlessly. I don't think he's up for that again... He could go to Houston and play with CP3 but would James Harden defer to James in a way that Bron would find acceptable, and if they win it's a little like the KD move again. If he goes to LA like they'd like, can he even get to the Finals? In Philly he could play with some young, injury prone kids, in a city with horrible weather much of the NBA season... He could stay home in Ohio and hope the team makes some solid moves and that their number 1 pick turns into something special...Or he could go back to beautiful Miami...
      In Miami he finds his good friend DWade winding it down. His old stomping grounds, favorite restaurants, trainers, and neighborhoods. A place he can drive his drop tops year round and a fancy car doesn't even stand out. A community where his wife enjoyed living and mother still resides. A team with a coach that understands him, how to coach him, and he has a level of respect for. And a front office that will be bold. A lot to like...
      But I think where the Heat come into play is in the history he may be able to make there and nowhere else. If he plays out his final days in a Heat uni, and that ends up being 5 more, after 9 or10 seasons in a Heat uniform where they lead the league in attendance nearly every year, and were in the consideration as one of the best teams leaguewide largely due to his presence, like DWade, he'd have to be in the running for a Statue not long after retirement.
      If he has a statue when retired in Miami, and presumably he'll have one in Cleveland after 11 years, he'd be the first and only player to have that honor with two different NBA franchises. That's an A+ in the intangible area...
      Jordan may have his jersey retired in Miami for some silly reason, but he only has one NBA statue in Chicago. I believe my favorite player of all time, "Dr. J"- Julius Erving, is the only guy with two in his pro career with Doc having one in Jersey for his ABA exploits, and one in Philly for his grace and for carrying the franchise and both leagues for a decade. Couple dudes have Statues at their colleges, surprisingly Jordan isn't one of them, but nobody with two at two different NBA franchises. Ever. I think that could be motivating factor to put Miami ahead of the field...
      And then there's this today...
      Hell No!?
      Hell Yes!?
      What you think??
    • By MaxHeat69
      Well,........ I mean, is there any evidence, that our team (or their online representatives) are kinda reading our forums for constructive feedback about our discussions, debates, beefs and individual player feedback? 
      What do you think, bros?.............
    • By MaxHeat69
      Okay, ladies and gentlemen,........ just on schedule, the 2nd part of our Heat Forums Member Awards - PART 2 with the Categories,.................

      Most Delusional Poster
      Worst enthusiasm ( aka The BOOO! Award)
      Best Thread Creator
      Go ahead and select your choices,............. 
      PS... okay let's make it 4 days to vote this time (since it's  a weekend for most of us,........)
    • By MaxHeat69
      Ladies and gentlemen, it may be unusual for you to have this announced by MaxHeat69,....... but thanks to the cooperation with my new best buddies TRIPLEATOOTSIES and SG-THREE, I would like to open up this year’s Heat Forums member Awards 2017, starting off with PART 1 with the Categories:
      Rookie of the year
      Funniest Member
      Most Improved member
      Period for each thread, as far as I remember was 3 days........
      We'll be taking it step by step, like every 3 days 3 new categories, and the MVP for the FINAL DAY
      Dear well respected Admins and Mods, please feel free to make a conclusion by the deadline.
      And to everybody else…… your contributions and opinions are more than appreciated…….. Thank you very much.........
      Fire right away,……..
      MaxHeat69 out,………