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The State of Miami Heat: What to expect.

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Pat Riley riffs on Mike Miller, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, other vets

by Ethan J. Skolnick

After discussing his draft night decisions, Pat Riley answered questions about the Heat’s veterans.

On Mike Miller: Riley said that the Heat veteran would let his back “calm down” for a couple of weeks before Miller and his doctors decide whether to have surgery. As for the other question, “We’re not looking at amnestying anybody.” Not this offseason, anyway. That shouldn’t be a great surprise. The real tax advantages come after next offseason. Riley has until July 19th to change his mind. “If Mike Miller, and I don’t want him to go through the same thing next year, could guarantee me a 7th game in the Finals, I would let him sit out all year.” Riley compared to Miller to Dan Majerle, who once went through an entire season as a starter without practicing once due to a back problem.

On Dwyane Wade: Riley said he spoke with the guard about Wade’s knee, and whether to skip the Olympics. Riley said it was in Wade’s “best interests,” and that “this is a big year for Dwyane. He’s played with a style over the years that may not be conducive to longevity. He’s always on the floor, he’s always above the rim. We want to make sure, and he does too, that whatever’s been ailing him will be corrected this summer…. Yeah, I think he made a wise choice.”

On Dexter Pittman: Riley said the Heat would allow the young center’s contract to guarantee on Saturday, meaning that Pittman will be with the Heat in summer league and in training camp. “Big guys, especially when you draft them late, it’s a two or three year project,” Riley said.

On Eddy Curry: Riley didn’t commit to a return, but said he would talk to the center about the future.

On Chris Bosh: Riley disputed the notion that the Heat plays small ball with Bosh at center, and said that will continue some. “We have a legitimate power forward, and that’s LeBron James, who’s not a power forward but he’s 6-8, 260, and he gets 15 rebounds a game when he plays the four spot.” Riley also reiterated that Bosh had a “significant abdominal injury” that would have kept the latter out longer if it hadn’t been the playoffs, and sounded like he wouldn’t mind if Bosh skipped the Olympics as well.

On free agency: “We’re encouraged that we can talk to some players that may be interested in taking a little bit less. There’s a lot of room out there this year, but there aren’t many teams that have a chance really to win a title. And I think a lot of veteran guys might be interested in something like that. So we have five or six guys earmarked, and we’ll see where it goes.” Riley said there isn’t just one type of player who can help the Heat. He’s simply looking for players who complement the Big 3′s versatility, and can help Miami “find as much space for LeBron and Dwyane and Chris to operate.”

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so basically he is going after Allen!

why he work off the ball!

great shooter

great defender

wont get tiered specially if coming off the bench

can run in semi transition!

have a long range stroke

and did i mention he dosent need the ball to be effective!

with a great passer like bron in the post reciving an entry pass by allen in the low post! if you help he drain the 3 if not bron will make a shoot find a teamate or get foul!

plus joel anthony can still substitue bosh!

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Riley dishes: He's not quitting; Pittman staying; no amnesty plans

By Ira Winderman

South Florida Sun Sentinel

2:16 a.m. EDT, June 29, 2012


Offering atypical candor and forthright insight, Miami Heat President Pat Riley early Friday morning clarified several aspects of the team's offseason direction.

Speaking in the wake of Thursday's NBA Draft, Riley touched on issues not previously addressed amid the team's championship celebration.

-- He said the team plans to guarantee the 2012-13 salary of backup center Dexter Pittman by Saturday's deadline.

"He's going to do a lot of work and we're going to give him a good shot," Riley said. "Big guys, especially when you draft them late, it's a two- or three-year project."

That could leave as many as three centers under guaranteed contract, including Joel Anthony and possibly Ronny Turiaf, who has a Saturday deadline to invoke his 2012-13 player option in advance of Sunday's start of free agency.

-- He said the team does not plan to use its "amnesty" clause this offseason, which would have enabled the team to avoid a luxury-tax payment with the release of a player under contract.

That decision bodes well for the possibility of a return by Mike Miller, with Riley saying the 3-point specialist would first pursue an aggressive offseason rehabilitation program before considering back surgery.

"He has been examined," Riley said. "There hasn’t been any real prognosis. We are going to treat it and rehab it before the doctor makes a final decision. Mike is going to go through a summer of real rehabilitation."

-- He said he has no plans to step down in the wake of his latest championship, as some had speculated.

"I hope it's just the beginning for me, in building this team. I hope this team has a long run," he said. "My job is to keep adding pieces to it."

-- He said the Heat already has specific players targeted for Sunday's start of free agency, without offering specifics.

"We've got five or six guys earmarked," he said, "so we'll see how it goes."

He also said he would be open to consulting the team's stars about the Heat's free-agency direction.

"We definitely would run names by them," he said.

He indicated he is content with the tandem of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole at point guard moving forward.

"We feel good with our point guard position, because we don't need a real prototypical point guard that needs the ball all the time," he said.

He also offered a hint that gives credence to potential Heat pursuit of Celtics free-agent guard Ray Allen.

"We want to find as much space on the floor with Chris and Dwyane and LeBron to operate," he said.

He said his staff already is in a back-to-work mode.

"The championship felt great and it still does," he said. "But we're over it, I'm over it. We had a lot of fun for the last week."

-- He warned not to overstate the knee surgery guard Dwyane Wade will undergo in just over a week.

"There isn't anybody like him who's played the game for nine years that hasn't had issues," he said.

Riley also spoke of the benefit of the Wade missing the Olympics in light of what he called a quick turnaround to next season, indicating the Heat will open training camp early due to an overseas preseason trip, with the Heat linked to games against the Los Angeles Clippers in China.

-- He addressed the severity of the lower-abdominal strain forward Chris Bosh sustained in the opening game of the second round of the playoffs.

"He's still nursing an injury," he said. "He had a significant abdominal injury that I'm sure if we weren't in the playoffs against Boston, then he would not have played for another three or four weeks."

-- Riley sidestepped a question about center Eddy Curry possibly returning.

"I think everybody is open to a possibility," he said. "I had a good exit meeting with Eddy and he's motivated. It's a shame he didn't get a chance. Small ball is becoming a big thing in the league. We're going to talk to Eddy about this summer and about the future."

-- Despite being kept in the dark about it, Riley said he appreciated coach Erik Spoelstra utilizing a facsimile championship trophy for inspiration during the playoffs.

"I'm sort of a thematic guy," he said. "I did ask him, 'Do you have a theme? Do you have a song? Do you have a book?' I thought it was a wonderful idea . . . Now, if it hadn't worked, what do you do with the trophy?"

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i have faith that Pittman will become a good center and Harris will develop into a hell of a player.

I feel Harris has lots of potential and Pittman too,its going to be interesting see these players grow even more next season.

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I feel Harris has lots of potential and Pittman too,its going to be interesting see these players grow even more next season.

Harris has a huge potential,a lot of speed and skills and Pittman is quick,good footwork ,good hands.He has all the tools it's just a matter of time,a lot of people going to be shocked with an improved Chalmers,cole,Harris. And pitman.Riley it's gonna fill in the holes with free agency.Next years draft we have 2 first rounders and 1 second,hopefully we can land James micheal Macadoo,Bob Macadoo's nephew

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