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HEAT 86 - Bulls 67 Game Recap and Infographic

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(Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus)

The Miami HEAT blew out the Chicago Bulls 86-67 Thursday night at the United Center. The HEAT led from the second quarter on, pulling away for good in the fourth quarter. The HEAT have now won nine games in a row and are 38-14 on the season.

Impact Performance of the Night: Another game, another spectacular performance by LeBron James. James finished with 26 points on 11-for-15 shooting, 12 rebounds and seven assists. James’ jumper was on point all night, picking apart the Bulls defense from the midrange. Before he exited with a few minutes left in the game, James had a hand in 47 percent of the HEAT’s points, 26 points of his own and 14 points off of assists. James’ 11 defensive rebounds were huge against a Bulls front line that tends to dominate the glass.

The Deciding Run: The HEAT took an 11-point lead into the fourth quarter against the Bulls. After the Bulls got a quick basket, the HEAT went on a 15-4 run, clinching the game. The HEAT’s run was powered by Dwyane Wade, who scored six points and assisted five more.

Play of the Game: Dwyane Wade gets the nod for his drive/dunk past Joakim Noah. Wade got matched up with Noah in transition after Noah thwarted a chance at the rim. Wade backed the ball out to the right corner, drawing Noah out with him. Wade called for Chris Bosh to set a screen to the inside, but before Bosh even arrived, Wade drove away from the screen, around Noah, and finished with a dunk. Rejecting screens is a big part of Wade’s game, and his usage on this play was textbook.

Efficiency Rating: Offensive Rating: 96.5; Defensive Efficiency: 71.4

Trend to Watch: The forced turnovers are coming in bunches for the HEAT. Tonight, the HEAT forced 27 turnovers, a season-high, and scored 24 points off of the changes of possession. Including blocks that led to changes of possession, the HEAT created 16 live-ball changes off possession. The HEAT have turned up the defensive pressure recently, and opponents are paying the price. As the HEAT defense continues to grow sharper, these forced turnovers will continue to pile up. When that happens, opponents often find themselves in trouble.

The Takeaway: The HEAT have had a hard time against the Bulls in the regular season since the summer of 2010. Tonight, the HEAT were able to dictate their offense, something the Bulls have often prevented them from doing. After just 13 field goal attempts in the restricted area in the first meeting, the HEAT got 26such attempts tonight. That’s a big number in a slow paced game. Finding creases in the Bulls defense tonight may prove useful if there is a postseason matchup down the road.

Notes: Dwyane Wade scored 17 points, grabbed eight rebounds and dished out five assists. Chris Bosh added 12 points. Ray Allen scored 11 points off the bench. Mike Miller was inactive.



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So many bloopers in this one, maybe the funniest game all year. But the defense is locked in though, remember when we were all waiting for it to show up, lol

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Fun facts after today's game:

In the 52 games he has played this season, LeBron has shot under 50% only 8 times. Additionally, he has shot under 40% only once. He has not shot worse than 37.5%.

For comparison:

Carmelo has shot the ball under 50% 28 times, under 40% 12 times, and under 30% 3 times.

Kobe has shot the ball under 50% 31 times, under 40% 14 times, and under 20% once.

Durant has shot the ball under 50% 18 times, and under 40% 8 times.

Furthermore, despite LeBron's aggressive play, he has only shot double digit free throws 9 times. The most he's shot was 16 which he did twice.

Kevin Durant has shot double digit free throws 21 times. The most he shot was 21 which he did 3 times.

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Greats stats but the one that bothered me is the free throw attempts or lack there if. And he's extra aggressive with the majority if his shots being inside. Being that KD is more of a perimeter player and gets way more calls is ridiculous

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In an otherwise sloppy game offesively, MIAMI look rather good on the defensive end. Those 27 turnovers was huge, and they kept the Bulls close in the rebounding category...TEAM HEAT since '88!

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      1: What can we learn from Philadelphia’s late push to a Game 4 victory?
      Couper Moorhead: This won’t be a comforting statistic for anyone to read, but the 76ers were the first team to win a playoff game with 26 or more turnovers since 1986. For that to come up as the difference between a tied series and going on the road down 3-1 certainly can’t be easy for HEAT, but that’s the reality of the situation.
      Those turnovers, and 18 Miami steals, were by and large the reason the HEAT were playing with around a 10-point lead for much of the game. They were out attacking passing lanes, getting deflections (with over 20 for the third-straight game) and contesting every Philadelphia three possible (22.6 percent from distance). It was, in so many words, the HEAT playing a very HEAT game in every way you would expect, from the physicality to the discipline on display defensively, where they cut off drives and recovered to shooters. They were in control of both the game and the score.
      So how did the Sixers come back despite all of that? Six quick points from Ersan İlyasova, including a tough three, at the end of the third made it was four-point game headed into the final period. And then Philadelphia’s defense came alive, holding Miami to just 19 points in the period. And maybe that’s all there is to really learn. You can play some of your best basketball, but in a closely contested series against a talented opponent just one stretch of mistakes can cost you a handful on the scoreboard. Miami has done enough to beat a good number of teams, it just wasn’t quite enough to beat Philadelphia on Saturday.
      Joe Beguiristain: We just continued to see how tough the 76ers are. Even with some great defense by Miami for most of the contest (the HEAT totaled 18 steals, including seven from Josh Richardson) and a late offensive surge by Dwyane Wade (12 points on 5-of-10 shooting in the fourth), Philadelphia never lost its composure.
      Much like in Game 3, the 76ers upped their defensive pressure and came through with timely offensive rebounds to escape with the narrow victory despite committing a whopping 27 turnovers.
      While J.J. Redick and Ben Simmons made some big plays late, the HEAT did a great job against Joel Embiid and made his catches tough throughout. In fact, Hassan Whiteside held Embiid to just 1-of-8 shooting and an unreal five turnovers. Bam Adebayo, meanwhile, fared just as well and limited the Cameroonian to 0-of-3 shooting and three turnovers.
      It would be unreasonable to expect that once again, but it will take that kind of effort from both bigs if Miami wants to come out ahead this time around.
      2: Are there any adjustments Miami can make to try and force a Game 6?
      Couper: Erik Spoelstra will likely take a look at everything, from making lineup changes to changing defensive coverages to shifting offensive responsibilities. He’s not one to leave things on the table. But for everything he’ll likely look at, it’s very possible that there aren’t actually many major changes that need to be made. You go down 3-1 in a series and it’s easy to think drastic adjustments are in line, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, and we’ve said this here before, the best adjustment is just doing what you’ve been doing and doing it better. The HEAT have already been doing things very, very well, but if being even better than that is what it takes, then so be it. As Spoelstra has said a number of times in this series, that’s the challenge.
      Joe: At this point, I don’t think there is much to change or adjust for either team. Although Miami is down 3-1, this has been a highly competitive series between two teams that really get after it. Sure, Erik Spoelstra might make a few minor tweaks to his rotation based on player performance, but that’s been the case all year long. And as Coup mentioned in his first response, the HEAT have executed well enough to win most of these games, so it’s really just a matter of sustaining that high level of play for longer periods of time.
      At the end of the day, Miami just needs to keep up its defensive activity to make up for the size disparity and continue to attack in the pick-and-roll to create more openings on the other end.
      We’ll see how it all plays out.
      3: The HEAT have led at halftime of each game this series. What can they do better to hold leads in the second half?
      Couper: Something Dwyane Wade emphasized a number of times following Game 4 was that the Sixers make you pay for every single mistake you make. If you take your foot off the gas for just a couple of minutes, those minutes are going to cost you.
      Now, it’s probably not fair to say the HEAT have ever really taken their foot off the gas given how consistently hard they have been playing on the defensive end, but they have certainly had some offensive droughts that have allowed the Sixers to make up some ground. That’s not always to say they stop getting good shots or don’t run their offense, but even going cold on wide open shots for a minute or two is enough to turn a game – such as at the end of the third quarter on Saturday, which snowballed into an extended Philadelphia run – in a series where both teams are in overdrive. That’s also been a bit of a trend at times for Miami this season, where they’ll have one down six-minute stretch even in games where they’re otherwise topping 26-28 in a quarter, and trends like that can carry over to the postseason even if you can minimize them. 
      Spoelstra has said he’s been looking for a complete game from his team at times this season. He’s been getting complete effort, but the HEAT might just need complete offense to start a comeback. And they’ll have to do it against a team that’s proved to be capable of truly elite level defense.
      Joe: Although the HEAT have done a great job of building early leads, the 76ers have responded well time and time again down the stretch. Thanks to Philadelphia’s fusion of length and discipline, the team has made things quite difficult on Miami in the halfcourt more often than not. As such, it’ll behoove the HEAT to push the pace as much as possible and get some easy buckets in transition. But if the opportunity doesn’t present itself, Miami should still be able to find some success in the pick-and-roll with Dragić and Wade attacking and Whiteside and Adebayo diving to the rim with force. In addition to defending Embiid really well in Game 4, both HEAT centers threw down some ferocious alley-oops on the break, so perhaps they can continue that and also translate it to set offense on Tuesday.
      Game 4 – 76ers at HEAT
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      Game Notes:
      Goran Dragić leads Miami with 19.5 points per game during the postseason. Ben Simmons leads Philadelphia in points (19.3), rebounds (10.8), assists (9.8) and steals (2.5) per contest in the playoffs. The HEAT are 8-2 in their last 10 elimination games. Josh Richardson (left shoulder sprain) is listed as questionable.
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