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Last Night's Game vs The Spurs

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heat: i know you struggled in the 4th quarter, but all i say that you all played a good game last night, but don't worry it's only Game 1. Basically how this game went from start to finish. is you all didn't had a good start when they was running with the game 9-2 but when you guys come back on took the lead, you all just proven that you can play well with this team, Now that the Spurs have to Play catch up, that being said that you all couldn't protect the Lead and you leading the Spurs back in this thing, BTW, some body needs to tell Bosh to stop shooting 3's during the last quarter, because i know when you played them back on Easter Sunday (March 31st), He hit a game winning 3 pointer, then was the past, but this is the Finals which is now, I know we hardlyget to rest during the war with Indiana in the Eastern Conferences. But don't Let this Loss affect you all chances of not getting another championship, We work very very hard for this and Heading Into Game 2, we all need to do better, I saw Golden State when they beat the Spurs in the 2nd Game after won the first game, plus you guys won Game 2 last year in OKC. But it's the Spurs you are dealing, their goal is to sweep you all, but please don't make that happen. We need this Win in Game 2, all you have to do is focus, push the ball, score more than the Spurs and stop Toni Parker, and some of you guys have to score more points other than Lebron, this should be a team contribution and we need to keep on playing like a team, So Let's Beat The Spurs in Game 2 and now we need to steal 2 Games up In San Antonio, To come back home in Game 6 to win a Championship, That's what counts

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