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HEAT 114 - Hawks 121 Game Recap and Infographic

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(Photo Credit: Scott Cunningham)


The Miami HEAT lost 121-114 to the Atlanta Hawks Monday night at Philips Arena to close out their six game road trip. The two teams combined for 141 points in the first half in a game filled with fireworks.


 Impact Performance of the Night: Paul Millsap was held in check for pasrts of the second half, but he was still excellent for Atlanta, leading them with 26 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Millsap did most of his work inside on the HEAT, shooting 8-12 inside the arc after exploding from three-point range in the last meeting. Millsap presents a unique matchup in that he’s not easily defended by small forwards or power forwards. He was too much for the HEAT to handle in the first half and was integral in the Hawks’ scoring of 71 points in the half.


The Deciding Run: The HEAT took a 108-107 lead with 4:50 left in the game before Atlanta took control of the action. Five straight points at the free throw line got things started for the Hawks before they started doing their damage from the field. In the end, the Hawks closed on a 14-6 run to knock off the HEAT.


Play of the Game: LeBron James finished a circus shot while being fouled to pull the HEAT within two points with 1:12 left. Miami needed a stop on the ensuing possession to keep their hopes alive. On Atlanta’s possession, Pero Antic knocked Mario Chalmers to the floor on a screen, leaving Kyle Korver open in the corner. Paul Millsap kicked the ball out to him and Korver drilled a three, pushing the Hawks lead to five and putting an end to the HEAT’s chances.


Efficiency Rating: Offensive Efficiency: 113.6; Defensive Efficiency: 122.4


Trend to Watch: If nothing else, the HEAT were able to get their shooting back on track. Miami went nine straight games without double digit makes from downtown, their longest regular season streak since early last season. Against Charlotte, the HEAT had difficulty in creating open shots from the perimeter for anyone other than Chris Bosh, which was alarming. Those same issues did not pop up against the Hawks. Miami generated open looks early for Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen and Shane Battier and they responded in a big way. The HEAT made 11 threes in the first half and four more in the second. The total of 15 makes from three-point range is just one shy of the team’s season high set the second night of the season against the 76ers. It’s encouraging for the offense that the HEAT were able to create these looks even with Dwyane Wade missing from action. The shots were bound to fall at some point, as the HEAT’s struggles were a pretty clear outlier. Still, it’s nice to see those shots actually go down. It bodes well for the HEAT’s upcoming homestand.


The Takeaway: The HEAT’s offense was up the challenge against the Hawks, but the defense was still lacking. Atlanta made a number of difficult shots, but they were able to create a number of open corner threes, including the last one from Korver that ended up being the dagger. With Dwyane Wade out and mild foul trouble for a number of players, the HEAT were forced to play a number of lineups with little to no prior court time. It excuses some of the miscues, but on the whole the HEAT defense still needs to play better. Rotations were a step slow on a number of possessions and there were a few possessions with a clear lack of communication. Miami is about where they were defensively a season ago at this time. At about this juncture, the HEAT started playing better defense and there’s a good chance that happens again. It’s important to note that the HEAT are playing their second straight run of five games in seven nights and in Atlanta were wrapping up a six game road trip. That surely has had an effect on the team defense.


Notes: Chris Bosh finished with 21 points and seven rebounds. Mario Chalmers scored 17 points. Dwyane Wade and Toney Douglas were inactive.




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Interest or fatigue is definitely a factor for these guys right now.


Tomorrow, with the 4th game in 5 nights will be a grind, especially considering that it's kinda hard to get up for the Celtics...


This was a fun game to watch tonight but the D has been deplorable. The mojo in general seems off.


I'd kinda like to see Spo shake up the rotation a bit. I think him playing Udonis the past couple games coulda been an attempt at that but I'm afraid UD is a bit past his usefulness during games for the most part.


The minutes are probably better allocated to Beasley even though he isn't particularly tough, and hasn't quite figured out how to balance his own usage while playing with stars... At least he's a threat, and he is long...


Spo's been finding time for Mason Jr. as well in most contests but I can't say he's really earned it with his play. The only memorable game he's had was back in early December when he hit 4 threes vs. Detroit.


I was pretty high on Mase's signing before the season but it hasn't paid many dividends as of yet. Perhaps he could give the teams best three point shooter, James Jones, a few minutes to see what happens.


Maybe Oden will be ready to see 8 or 10 minutes per half after the ASG...


But he may need to try something to change the atmosphere around a bit. Something doesn't seem quite right...

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Scrubs of the Night


M.Scott - 12 pts, 4 rebs, 2 st

S. Mack - 13 pts, 3 rebs, 7 ast



on to the next one, the Celtics scrubs.....

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never used udonis he is overrated. his defense is there but he's a rebound hogger that's why LeBron got 4. also ray allen 7 rebounds gtfo. chalmers, bosh ray you only gave king 6 assists you got double figures combined. good news LeBron keeps scoring 30 every night. just get very efficient about it.

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good bye 1st seed !!

Look at Indiana.. I really don't like this team but you have to give them credit.. they have "the eye of the tiger" and trying to kill everthying on their way to the finals.. no matter what game.. no matter of regular season or playoff game..


I  hope it won't gets us in the playoffs when we don't have home court (hopefully !! ) in the eastern finals and finals...

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1st seed cleveland cavs > miami cavs.

If the Cavs play with their starters we win, now if they play with their bench? The Heat will lose and some bench scrub will have the highlight of his career

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Still a good and enjoyable game we saw last, no need to panic or be disappointed guys, we know the issues, we know how to adjust and improve were it has to be done , nobody is expecting this journey to be an easy path some night it just doesn't go the way we would like to have it gone, but it won't make me doubt on our capacity and willingness to turn things around...


It wasn't (perfect) but still the offensive performance was great, reworks were it is needing it and all be fine…!!

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The two tales of a team. MIAMI was spectacular offensively, defensively...not so good :blink:. Anyways, we HEATians oughts to be use to this by now. Sure we get frustrated, but the end results have been stupendous the past few years. So while we vent, cuss, and spew anger, don't forget the capabilities of this HEAT machine. Let's enjoy this rollercoaster ride, it should be fun ;)...TEAM HEAT since '88!

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Good to see our shooters back on track, Battier, Allen with a great shooting display last night ,carry on as well as Lebron with the nice touch from long range, ..Well shooting the ball/offense is the least of concern( if at all), we rolling… aside in any case J.Jones always ready to step in and drain those long range when need it…

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      The flip side of this is that Miami’s bench held a similar advantage, with Kelly Olynyk (not playing Wednesday night) a plus-11 in the last game as a substitute. Without Olynyk and with Miami’s bench unit still learning how to play together since adding Dwyane Wade, especially now that the 76ers added some much-needed shooting in the form of Marco Bellineli, we might not be able to expect those same numbers, but that’s where things stood last time out.
      Joe: We learned that the 76ers are as good as advertised.
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      In terms of how that last meeting went, the HEAT had some trouble with Philadelphia’s size for most of the night, but made a run in the fourth quarter to get within four points. During the comeback, Bam Adebayo really turned some heads with his passing ability and ran the offense on a handful of possessions down the stretch.
      We’ll see what happens this time around. 
      3: How can the HEAT better avoid going down by double digits to Philadelphia?
      Couper: While allowing 35 points in the third quarter is never going to be part of Miami’s winning plan – they want to keep teams around 18-25 points per quarter depending on the pace of play – it was the HEAT’s own 37 combined points between the second and third quarters that wound up costing them (even as they would score 37 in the final period). Part of that was Miami having a weirdly off shooting game, but there haven’t been too many games where they’ve been able to come out on top despite scoring less than 20 in multiple quarters.
      Remember that 76ers size we talked about? Miami was limited to just 36 points in the paint last time out while Philadelphia scored 60 behind the relentless attack of Ben Simmons (who doesn’t even have much of a jumper yet).  Cold shooting or not, getting into the paint is usually a much larger part of the HEAT’s blueprint to success.
      Joe: Although Miami struggled to put the ball in the hoop in that last matchup, the real issue was on the defensive end. In Philadelphia’s 35-point third quarter that Coup mentioned above, Simmons put pressure on the HEAT by getting into the paint and either scoring himself or setting up his teammates.
      To combat that, the HEAT’s defensive rotations will have to be quicker when Simmons forces the bigs to collapse or attacks a switch. Of course, all of this is easier said than done, but Miami understands what it has to do in order to be successful.

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