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Bill Russell Responds to Lebron leaving him off Mt Rushmore

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I wanna add this to the conversation regarding Mr. Russell, particularly as Black History Month is coming to a close.


In this thread I've seen multiple posts where the assertion was made that race was a factor in Russell's dominance. Or more accurately, the fact that he was playing against a bunch of White guys, as I think I read it a couple times, was brought into question.


Let's dispel that myth now... Here we see in 1965--  7 Black Men and 5 White Men...






 And the fact of the matter is the NBA is the best organization in America when it comes to race relations and one of the better in regards to gender equity.  


Much of that is due to William Felton Russell.


Before Russell, Black athletes were only products of their athleticism, thought incapable of performing the cerebral tasks of sport by an overtly racist media and population. Russell flipped that notion on it's head quickly, as it was evident from the first sight or conversation that this was an intelligent human being, who was going to command your respect for every aspect of himself that he could control. If color was your hang-up, he couldn't control it, but he didn't condone that particular individuals ignorance either.


So Bill was a man of respect and understood intelligence. This is why Red Auerbach couldn't think of anyone in America better to take over his position as the Head Coach of the Boston Celtics when he stepped down. That Bill would become the first African American Head Coach in America was inconsequential to Auerbach and Russell. The fact he was a man of respect, integrity, and intelligence was everything.


So today as we have an NBA that is comprised of near 83% African American men, who receive on average 5 million dollars annually for their services, and a coaching fraternity that is near or over 50% minorities, we have to remain cognizant that Bill Russell is the primary benefactor to all of that...


Russell was the guy that much of the fate of the future of Black players and coaches was being based off of. And he proved to be an exemplary model...




Below is a link to a website that tracks performance of organizations, and Associations like the NCAA and NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., in regards to race matters. It sheds some light on which groups are performing up to a standard that the year 2014 should produce, and others that are still functioning at Jim Crow era levels of competency. You'll see that the NBA stands alone in terms of equity treatment...


The site is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Lapchick. Some of you may have seen him on Outside the Lines on Sunday on Bob Ley's piece regarding race and the use of the "N Word" in sports... The guys is a champion of civil rights for everyone and has been so since his youth. His father was the Head Coach of the New York Knicks when the league was starting to integrate Black athletes, Joe Lapchick. Joe was famous in the Black community for his gracious treatment of one of the earliest Black Pioneers, Nat 'Sweetwater' Clifton...Young Richard was schooled by his father and went on to be a civil rights activist, primarily through athletics and academics and has suffered for his admirable choices. He was once attacked in his college office at Central Florida U, and had the N word cut into his stomach by his assailants... So the guy is serious about his work...

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Nice stats...


I'd also throw in the fact Bron is intentionally fouled more than any player in the league, with the exception of Dwight possibly, which makes it even more of an anomaly that he doesn't lead the league in free throw attempts.



Yeah, that's what mind-boggling and irritating!  Lebron gets 3-4 "we have to call them because he is being tackled/held/ridden/etc." calls a game and some of those translate to free throws.  With that as a base, you'd figure he would lead the league in FTA or at least be 2nd or even 3rd.

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No way guy Harden, Durant, Love, Melo, and those boys deserve their calls way more than LBJ :rolleyes:


ALL THOSE GUYS shoot more jumpers than Lebron lol fff***ing ridiculous

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