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Well, I haven't posted in the fan forum in a while, but I wanted to jump back in here and say it feels good that we made the playoffs and are looking pretty good right now. And signing Joe Johnson, Briante Weber, and Dorrell Wright were all very good pickups. And if they can find a way to get Bosh back on the court, even for 20 minutes a night, we are going deep into the playoffs. 

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Ethan J. Skolnick

The Heat, with little wiggle room, added a starter (Joe Johnson), a prospect (Briante Weber) & insurance (Dorell Wright) & stayed under tax.



Settled then, ..............................................................................................

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10 hours ago, Majestic said:

Better think twice about this guy Riley.




PIPE DREAM, ....................................................................................................................................... (for now),.......................................................................................................................................

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Hope OKC gets upset by Dallas. First round or second round exit = bye bye OKC, hello EAST for KD.


Heat pitch


Good weather

Good location

Good team play

One of the best coaches in the league

One of the best defenses in the league

Better talent scouting and player development this season

Supporting cast all set

With him on the team, easy route to the ECF, even NBA Finals.


Only one major component is missing -----> KD



Seriously, we get KD, and we're gonna be like Golden State 2.0 in terms of length scoring threats in almost all positions.

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3 minutes ago, Majestic said:


Did you read the article?

Didn't until just now and it basically said the same...he's not going. Read somewhere that he doesn't want to deal with distant relatives and friends coming to him which is understandable

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4 minutes ago, RememberTheName said:

Didn't until just now 


That's what I figured from what you initially said. lol

I'm really bored waiting for the game 3 thread to be started...can't believe how dead this place's the playoffs. smh

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35 minutes ago, Majestic said:


That's what I figured from what you initially said. lol

I'm really bored waiting for the game 3 thread to be started...can't believe how dead this place's the playoffs. smh



Haha wait until we lose a game, then this place will turn into a mosh pit.. Lol

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KD is a Pipe dream,...................... ........................................................................................................................................................

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    • By clarkpetion305
      Hi  everyone!  Once again, I'd like to apologize in advance if this has been spoken about already in this thread.  I always make sure to let everyone know that i'm not always here, and show up every once in a while.  Things should start heating up, so I'll definitely be reading a lot more.  This is obviously the best place to find the most intelligent Heat fans that know basketball. 

      Let's get right into it...
      I was actually hopeful this offseason about our ability to pry BOTH Gordon Hayword and maybe Paul Millsap as free agents...But with the money that these guys are going to have to pass up to come here, i'm more and more pessimistic about being able to sign ANY major player.  Which leads me to TANKING!!!!!!!
      We must land in the top 5 in the's literally a must.  Why? Well obviously for the talent and 2, because home grown talent is going to be the way to go for the rest of the NBA landscape.  If Lonzo Ball becomes who i think he will become, we will never be able to sign him as a FA because of all the money he'd be giving up.  Which now leads me to the trades we must do!!!!

      Here is a super realistic 3 part 3 team tank/trade scenario which involves Dragic and Whiteside that the Heat MUST do.  I'm one of the biggest Whiteside supporters btw...but the front of the Jersey and it's future matters most to here we go...keep up lol:
      Part 1: I WANT THAT BROOKLYN PICK!!!! Being able to land two top 5 picks in this draft will be epic!!!!
      - Boston is actively looking for a Center (Vucevic)...their leading rebounder is Avery Bradley for God's sake at 6.9rpg...getting a guy like Hassan Whiteside will make Boston an instant championship/ECF contender and one of the best defensive lineups in basketball:
      Whiteside ... I believe this squad can actually bother the Cavs a bit and will be the best threat in the east to them which Pat Riley would probably like here's how the trade looks:

      Miami trades Hassan Whiteside to a contender Boston 
      Boston trades Amir Johnson $12MM expiring contract, Tyler Zeller $8MM non guaranteed next year, and Brooklyn's #1 pick...
      Why does Boston do this, the best players in the draft are all PGs and Isaiah Thomas who is already severely underpaid isn't going anywhere on the verge of a scoring title.  If Hassan Whiteside was in the draft then Boston would never trade this pick.  Hassan Whiteside solidifies that team and because we are rebuilding and are no where close to competing for the east, let's focus on homegrown talent in the most talented Draft pool i can remember.  So we land a top 5 pick and free up an additional 23MM next year.

      Part 2: WE NEED A CENTER!!!!! If there's a sliver of Truth to the rumor that Orlando wants to give us Vucevic and a future 1st for Dragic...ONLY in this 3 team trade we must do this immediately!
      Dragic is Dragic...he's not going to win us anything and his value couldn't be any higher than it is right now.  Since we lost Whiteside and his 23MM per, we can pick up a highly skilled stretch big with good foot work for the low post who is 1 year removed from doing Bosh #s and only 26 years old.  Best part about it is he's only making 12MM per over the next 3 years.  That add's an additional 5MM per year + in savings by trading Dragic...annnd a future 1st with Orlando "supposedly" offered to us. 
      Miami Trades Goran Dragic to Orlando
      Orlando trades Nikola Vucevic and a future 1st to Miami 
      Part 3: The 3 team trade is essentially done, we've cleared an additional $28MM in salary, and picked up 2 1st rounders including a top 5 pick this year...what's left to do??? Tank...and Tank hard!!!!!!!!! That would allow us to get an additional top 5 pick.  Imagine being able to pair up.....

      Ball 6'6" and Fultz 6'4"
      Ball 6'6" and Monk 6'3"
      Ball 6'6" and Ntikilia 6'5"
      Ball 6'6" and Tatum 6'8"....(Please no more Josh Jackson talk...I already have a defensive specialist and offensive pessimist lol Justise Winslow and his shooting issues to get over...been there done that) 
      With all that...Miami would add an additional $28MM to their 2017 Cap space that already will include $51MM available when Bosh is off the books...That's roughly $80MM available to spend.  Now as i mentioned before, i'm not too confident that we'll be able to steal a Free agent, but just think we have the ability to sign 2 max $30MM players (ie for sh^t's and giggles Blake Griffen and Gordon Hayward) and still have $20MM left to spend on a 3rd guy (Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague, George Hill type that Ball can learn from) or 2 really decent role back up pg players.  
      Best case scenario (does not include any Steph Curry / Durant / Chris Paul talk cuz i think it's bs and a waste of time):
      PG Jrue Holiday / Lonzo Ball / Tyler Johnson
      SG Markell Fultz or Malik Monk / Wayne Ellington / Josh Richardson
      SF Gordon Hayword(option1) or Danilo Gallinari(option2) / James Johnson / Justise Winslow
      PF Blake Griffen(option1) or Paul Millsap(option2) /  Ersan Ilyasova / Josh McRoberts ugh!!! (UD to become a man da fk up consultant)
      C   Nikoli Vucevic / Greg Monroe (cheeeeeaaaaap) / Showtime Willie Reed

      2nd scenario
      PG  Lonzo Ball / Tyler Johnson / Darren Collison
      SG Markell Fultz or Malik Monk / Dwayne Wade lol why not / Josh Richardson
      SF Danilo Gallinari(option 1) Rudy Gay (option 2)/ James Johnson / Justise Winslow
      PF Paul Millsap(option1) Serge Ibaka meh(option2) /  Ersan Ilyasova / Josh McRoberts ugh!!! (UD to become a man da fk up consultant)
      C   Nikoli Vucevic / Showtime Willie Reed / Alex Len
      Once again sorry for the long *** post!  Just making up for time lost.  I'd like to hear everyone's take on this.  Am I completely crazy and know nothing about basktetball, am I on to something?  Do you have an alternative best case realistic scenario for us?  I didn't include 2nd round draft picks i'd like us to go after like mighty mouse Marcus Keene and Alec Peters (look em up). 
      Will be back to read comments LATERS!
    • By BornNRaisedCountyOfDade
      I keep saying that I want to trade him this upcoming year because of his age/injuries. 
      We have him signed for $5M(at age 37) next season and then $9.5M(at age 38) in 2 years.
      I love this guy, he plays with all he has each time he goes out there and has battled through injuries for us. He is even trying to evolve his game by adding a 3pt shot to stay in the league as long as he can with his diminishing athletic ability. He loves Miami. He has the "Miami Beard" and "Miami Grill" going strong these days lol.
      I just don't think we can rely on him anymore... its the sad truth. I love the guy, but its a tough decision, couldn't that money be used on a more impactful player that we need?
      What do you guys think about Birdman's future in Miami? Also, what do you think about his new tattoo? It says, "GIVE ME WAR" at the base of his skull with two skulls above that on his head.
    • By BornNRaisedCountyOfDade


      Why would we sign him with only 2 games left in pre-season?

      To me it only could mean we are getting rid of Cole or Chalmers, and it really seems like it is Cole to me. Chalmers has performed well the last 2 games and is a more versatile player that has done much more in his NBA career.

      What do you guys think this move means?
    • By Maroko
      NEW YORK — With his starting job gone and his playing time slashed, Rockets center Omer Asik has asked to be traded, two individuals with knowledge of the request said Thursday.

      Asik, who started every game after signing with the Rockets last season, came off the bench Wednesday in Philadelphia, but struggled. He played only four minutes and not at all in the second half. Asik has made his trade request within the past 48 hours, a person familiar with the conversations said.
      The Rockets have no trade involving Asik in the works, with one individual saying a deal is more likely in months than in days.
      Asik declined comment, referring questions to his agent, Andy Miller. Miller also would not comment on any trade request.
      “I would say the situation is very frustrating right now and were trying to work through it,” Miller said.  “For Omer, the objective has always been to continue to develop and grow as a player. That’s why we came to Houston in the first place. If that objective can’t be met, if we can’t get the right platform to grow and contribute as a player, it’s certainly frustrating.”
      Asik, who has the longest streak of consecutive regular-season games played in the NBA, averaging 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds last season. He is averaging just 5.6 points and 8.1 rebounds this season, with his playing time reduced to an average of just 22.7 minutes per game.
      Second-year forward Terrence Jones replaced Asik to start the second half Monday against Toronto and started again on Wednesday in Philadelphia. Rockets coach Kevin McHale said the switch was largely about matchups, but in the second half against the 76ers, Jones returned to the game instead of Asik when Dwight Howard went out in the fourth quarter.
      “I think the way they play and spread guys last night with Spencer Hawes and tonight with (Andrea) Bargnani and Carmelo (Anthony), it’s just a better matchup for us,” McHale said.  “Last night, when they backed up, they went smaller, put Lavoy Allen in, another guy who stayed out so we went smaller, too.
      “I liked a lot of stuff he and Dwight did together. They were big. They protected the rim. It’s going to be a lot of matchups, a lot how things work. He’s going to have to get out there and play. Will he start against some bigger teams? Possibly.”
      At this point, however, Asik would rather start for someone else.
      sources : ultimate rockets
    • By japraylee
      We should trade 1st rounder, Joel Anthony, James Jones for Omer Asik or M. Gortat just in case Greg Oden isn't ready by playoff. What do you think?